Samuel Lamont

Samuel Lamont

Samuel Lamont is a legacy Irish linen manufacturer with nearly 200 years in business and a reputation unmatched by any other competitor. Founded in 1830 by Samuel Lamont in County Armagh in what is today Northern Ireland, the company is still headquartered where it began, in the small town or Lurgan, and still family-owned and operated by the descendants of Samuel Lamont. Today, David Lamont serves as chief executive, ensuring that the family values of quality and perfection are maintained at every step of the manufacturing process. Samuel Lamont was originally established as a bed linen company, innovating the mass production of woven textiles and eventually acquiring a Royal Warrant from the Queen of England for the sale and supply of bed linens to the royal family. The company was a founding member, too, of the Irish Linen Guild, of which it is still a member today. In the 1950s, the company began to diversify, entering into the markets of textile printing and terry towel production. Today, it ranks among the most successful household linen companies in Ireland, renowned for its quality as much as its range of items, from high-end damask tablecloths and napkins to funny cotton printed tea towels that feature a smorgasbord of Irish iconography, from recipes for Irish coffee to a collection of cats in various states of excitement or repose. Samuel Lamont partners with Irish artists for some of their most popular print designs. Designs featured by Jo Stockdale, Kate Mawdsley, Belinda Northcote, Juli & Dodsworth, Claire Louise, Rupert Fawsett, and Alex Underdown all take inspiration from the comingling of humans and animals throughout Ireland.

 Linens, Textiles, & More from Samuel Lamont

With fun prints that feature a range of dogs, cats, roosters and chickens, cows, sheep, and more, these charming prints interrogate how humans shape the behavior of animals and vise versa. All of these artists are based in Ireland, so whichever print design strikes your fancy, you can rest assured that you are supporting local Irish artists at a fantastic legacy company that provides opportunities for creative illustrators outside the traditional world of fine art and design. Ireland has long been known as a hub of creativity, from poetry to music, painting to sculpture. Samuel Lamont prides itself on continuing this legacy in the form of their cute and charming prints, giving artist the chance to see their work spread far and wide.

 Samuel Lamont Irish Linens
Samuel Lamont not only operates under its own name, but also offers a great selection of Irish textiles from the likes of Celtic Weavers, Charles Gallen, and McCaw Allen, each specializing in a different and unique textile for the home. McCaw Allen, which traces its roots to 1820 but was officially incorporated in 1904, is known for its exquisite bed linens.

 Samuel Lamont Tea Towels & Tablecloth

Charles Gallen is famous for its fine cotton damask tea towels and table linens that incorporate elements of Irish design like the Celtic cross, Trinity knot, and shamrock in a beautiful and precious weave.

Samuel Lamont Cotton Throw Blankets

Celtic Weavers has crafted a niche in the blanket and throw market, offering a range of bamboo and cotton throws in contemporary plaids, herringbone, and houndstooth patterns in bold colors like marine blue and forest green. The complete range of Samuel Lamont linens offered by incorporates elements of all of these items and more, including handkerchiefs for men and women, as well as novelty tea towels for any special occasion, from St. Patrick’s Day to Christmas. Also available are kitchen accessories like oven gloves, aprons, tote bags, and even a clever little doggy doorstop. 

When you shop our Samuel Lamont selection, you tap into a long history of quality Irish textile weaving that dates back even farther than the company itself. There is no better way to show off your Irish heritage and pride at home.