Find the finest collection of traditional Irish jewelry by Solvar here at Solvar is a family-owned Irish company that has been creating artisanal Irish accessories in the heart of Dublin since 1941. In those many years, the brand has produced countless quintessentially Irish pieces that have enchanted the hearts of thousands.

Stunning Solvar Jewelry Collection
 From crosses adorned with emeralds, diamonds, gleaming cubic zirconia and more, there’s no end to the gemstone options available -- so don’t forget that a birthstone jewelry gift is always an excellent option when seeking out the right thing for someone special, or even just when you feel like treating yourself. No taste will ever go unsatisfied! Pick up one that you’ll treasure forever today!

Irish Claddagh Jewelry 

Among our personal favorites from the Solvar collection is the vast array of Claddagh jewelry within it. Since the inception of the traditional Irish Claddagh ring in 1700s Galway, its beauty has been revered not just in the Emerald Isle, but all over the world. This is largely due to the beauty and depth of meaning of the Claddagh symbol, which consists of three basic elements: a heart, which represents love and care, a pair of hands, which represent friendship, and a crown, which represents undying loyalty. Together, these three features communicate a set of values that are guaranteed to steer any Claddagh jewelry wearer in the right direction as they navigate the twisting paths of life. Because of this, any piece of Claddagh jewelry from the Solvar collection makes a fantastic gift for someone special in your life.

Celtic Knot Jewelry

Another traditional Irish symbol which sees plenty of representation in this range is the Celtic knot. Whether you prefer to admire its twisting edges from a bracelet or on the end of a pendant, there’s no denying that this mysterious, essential art piece from the depths of Irish history will have you taking in the compliments in no time!

Men’s Irish Jewelry

Our stunning collection of celtic men’s jewelry is made by expert craftsmen in Ireland, using only the most authentic techniques and high-quality materials. Take, for example, our stunning steel and leather bracelets from Solvar Jewelry. The origins of leather craft like this date all the way back to the times of the vikings in Ireland, and it remains popular today due to its bold, striking appearance and notable durability. Rugged yet subtle, these bracelets are a great choice for anyone looking to add an extra element of culture to their outfit, and pair well with ensembles that are anywhere on the scale from dressy to casual.

No matter the shape, size or style of the Solvar jewelry piece you have in mind, we at Shamrock Gift are confident that our extensive collection will have something perfect in store for you.