Rhodium Marble Celtic Earrings


■ Charming set of earrings, 100% made in Ireland 
■ Made of high-quality metal and plated with rhodium 
■ Adorned with authentic Connemara Marble 
■ The perfect gift from Ireland, they come in a gift box 

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Complete your jewelry collection with this charming piece of Irish style! Our Rhodium Marble Celtic Earrings are 100% made in Ireland, by Solvar, a leading manufacturer of Irish jewelry. These pieces are made with Connemara marble, which dates back to the Precambrian age, over 750 million years ago. It is Ireland’s most famous stone and one of its natural resources, found in the Western part of the country. The mesmerizing shades of green of this stone beautifully reflect the typical Irish landscapes, showing how truly beautiful the nature of Ireland is. In folklore, it is said that Connemara marble brings serenity to those who keep it close by.
The earrings are made from high-quality metal plated with rhodium. If taken proper care of, they guarantee long-lasting durability. In order to clean them, just place them in a bowl of warm water for 10 minutes, then gently rub them to remove any dirt. Please avoid any abrasive materials or harsh substances and chemicals.
These pieces are the ideal gift for any lady in your life, being equally stylish and comfortable and coming with the beauty of Ireland encapsulated. The earrings come in a gift box for a lovely presentation.