Sterling Silver With Gold Accent Tree of Life Earrings


■ Created with great attention to detail, these drop earrings are made from sterling silver, a durable and corrosion-resistant material that will not rust or tarnish, ensuring longevity.
■ The earrings feature a Celtic Tree of life design. The branches that gracefully reach towards the sky, together with the looped roots have a profound meaning, representing the bridge between two realms: heaven and earth. The sun found in the corner of the tree symbolizes light and illumination. 
■ The 14k gold accents at the base of the earrings offer a sophisticated touch and create a stunning visual effect next to the sterling silver framing.
■ The drop earrings measure 1.1 inches in height, a suitable size for pairing with elegant outfits and capturing everyone’s attention.


Excellently designed, our Sterling Silver With Gold Accent Tree of Life Earrings are the perfect choice for lovers of unique accessories or enjoyers of Celtic culture. Crafted from sterling silver, a resistant material that will not rust or tarnish, these drop earrings will last for generations to come. The 14k gold accents placed at the base of the earrings offer an extra touch of elegance and qualitative design. The combination of silver and gold is versatile and can be styled with a variety of outfits. These earrings feature the Celtic Ttree of life, a symbol of the interconnectivity of life. The branches reach towards the sky, while the roots are deeply grounded, as a visual representation of the link between the spiritual and earthly worlds. The Tree of life is also accompanied by the sun, an element associated with light and inspiration. Together, these elements offer deep symbolism that any wearer will enjoy. Measuring 1.1 inches in height, the earrings will complement any type of hairstyle and fit perfectly into your looks. To make sure you keep these pieces in their best condition, store them in dry places only.