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Whether you spell it t-shirt or call it a plain tee, it’s all the same and we have a great selection of men’s Irish shirts to suit any gift giving occasion. Whether you’re looking for a little something extra for Father’s Day, a Christmas present for your brother, or a little bit of rebel flair for your son on his birthday, all our Irish tees are up to the tsk.

Looking for the appropriate Men’s Irish T-Shirt?

With brand names like Guinness, Traditional Craft and Lansdowne, these Irish t-shirts for men are made from all-natural materials and all designed in Ireland. They all incorporate classic elements of Irish design, such as the Guinness logo, Celtic knots, a national harp, a traditional shamrock tee design, and even some whimsical leprechauns complete with Gaelic lettering. has all your essential t-shirts with an authentic Irish style in one place. With a variety of whimsical, goofy, and smart shirts, there is a tee to fit every style. Pair with jeans or slacks and show off your Irish heritage while staying stylish and comfortable.

Official Guinness T-Shirts for Men

We offer a large selection of Guinness t-shirts, perfect for repping your favorite Irish brewery. Most feature the classic Guinness logo, their trademark harp, with the “Guinness” brand name below and are available in a range of basic colors like navy, black, and grey. If you’ve got a bartender or budding mixologist among your family or friends, these Guinness tees can make a perfect gift.
Traditional Craft Black Deep Tan Guinness Tape Tee-Shirt- this delightful men’s T-shirt comes in sleek black accented with embroidered gold-colored details including Guinness Lettering, the Guinness harp emblem and “Ireland” imprint.
Bottle Black Guinness Performance Short Sleeve Rugby- go green with this stunning and elegant bottled Guinness T-Shirt. Ideal for workout days due to its breathability and moisture wicking which provides dryness and comfort.
Gery Guinness Tortoise Relax With Tee-Shirt- for those who enjoy unusual combinations this t-shirt will make a great option. Featuring the famous Tortoise caring a pint of Guinness.

Made from 100% cotton and designed in Ireland, they are a timeless statement of Irish business and the Guinness brand.
Guinness, which was founded in 1759 with a 9,000-year lease on land near St. James’s Gate in Dublin, is arguably Ireland’s most-recognized company throughout the world. Wearing a Guinness t-shirt immediately signifies not only good taste, but an enduring sense of Irish pride.

Leprechaun Irish T-Shirts

One of our favorite tees features a red-haired leprechaun, complete with green top hat and orange bow tie giving the thumbs up with “Ireland” scrolled beneath him and the Irish phrase “Céad Míle Fáilte” written in Gaelic font above. A traditional Irish greeting, “Céad Míle Fáilte” literally means 100,000 welcomes, and it’s welcome’s you’re sure to get with this Irish leprechaun t-shirt, whether you wear it on St. Patrick’s Day or not. Another, cheekier version of the leprechaun t-shirt leaves the leprechaun’s head off, allowing the wearer to show off their best leprechaun style when they stick their head threw the crewneck.
The leprechaun is one of the most misunderstood creatures of Irish folklore, but no less iconic for that reason. Originally conceived of as a cobbler for the fairies, they were widely known to be more than a little mischievous, but more often for fun rather than for malice. In fact, their traditional clothing was red! But as green became more and more associated with Ireland in the 19th and 20th centuries, so too did their costume change and evolve into the contemporary trickster we know and love to trot out on St. Patrick’s Day today.

Ireland Celtic T-Shirts

For those not willing to rep a brand or a bit of twee Irish folklore, also sells a range of subdued “Ireland” shirts that feature more traditional Irish designs like a Celtic knot pattern or crest that features all four symbols of each Irish province, Ulster, Leinster, Munster, and Connaught. There is also a Celtic Cross Ireland t-shirt, as well as a classic contrast crew-neck tee with green base and white collar with Ireland’s national symbol, the harp, above the text “Ireland: Celtic Nation,” the most succinct description of the country if there ever was one.

All Men’s Irish T-Shirts are machine washable and made with the highest quality materials. Browse our collection today.

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