Green Guinness Ireland Harp T-Shirt


■ Irish Guinness T-shirt, part of the official Guinness Merchandise Collection 
■ Design featuring a deep beer bottle green in color, with golden accents 
■ Comfortable fit, with a simple crew neck and short sleeves - the perfect casual piece 
■ Made of 100% cotton for your ultimate all-day comfort; wash in cold water 



Perfection, for all that it is rare, often comes hand in hand with simplicity. A rose-colored sunset; a soft chair after a long day of work; a beautifully-poured glass of Guinness. In keeping with the idea that keeping it simple is keeping it good, we bring you this official Guinness merchandise t-shirt.

A deep bottle green in color, it bears the classic Guinness text, as well as the iconic Guinness Celtic harp logo and the year 1759, the year Arthur Guinness began brewing his signature drink. Finally, in matching bold white text, there is the word “Ireland,” making this the perfect t-shirt for anyone with a love for, or roots in, the Emerald Isle.

Make a gift of it for someone special—or for yourself!—today.