Green Extra Stout Guinness T-Shirt


■ This charming T-shirt is beautifully crafted of 100% Cotton, a high-quality material with great softness, breathability, and sturdiness 
■ Part of the Official Guinness Merchandise, this T-shirt will make a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable gift for any beer enthusiast 
■ The design of the T-shirt incorporates a large Guinness logo with signature for a plus of authenticity 
■ The T-shirt has a relaxed fit, classic crewneck, and short sleeves for added comfort and detailing 


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Our charming Guinness T-shirt will undoubtedly make your beer-loving friend smile! It is carefully crafted with 100% Cotton, a natural material with great breathability, softness, and durability, ideal for everyday wear and comfort. Cotton is both warm and has cooling properties, making it an ideal choice for all seasons, and even for sportswear due to its moisture-wicking properties.
Apart from being highly practical, this T-shirt is also beautiful looking. Part of the Official Guinness Merchandise Collection, it incorporates a richly detailed logo with Arthur Guinness’ signature. The design also includes a harp logo, reminiscent of the 14-th century Irish harp named ‘O’Neill’. Besides being one of the most adored Guinness symbols, the harp is world-wide known and recognized as a symbol of Irish pride and heritage, being present on many official Irish documents and coins.
The T-shirt has a classic, relaxed shape with short sleeves and crewneck, providing a multitude of styling options - no matter if you wear it under a hoodie or by itself, it will become your favorite T-shirt.