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Women who are always busy and out on the go cannot slow down even in the brutal fall and winter cold. However, while they are outside in those icy winds, it is vital for these women to keep their hands protected from the harsh cold. To keep their hands nice and toasty as they use them while they travel and run errands, women can choose from Shamrock Gift’s collection of assorted Women’s Gloves.

Aran Knit Gloves and Mittens Collection 

Offering a variety of styles, designs, and colors, this fine selection will not disappoint any woman who wants to stay chic but warm during the fall and winter seasons.
Authentically Irish, items in this Women’s Gloves collection carry on the spirit of Irish fashion with designs that feature genuine Aran stitching. Aran sweaters emerged in the 1890s in the Aran Islands, which can be found off of the western coast of Ireland. Fishing was the main way of making a living for most Aran Island men, so their wives and mothers would knit these sweaters from unscoured wool to keep the fishermen warm during the frigid winters. Aran sweaters certainly gained popularity in the 1950s and 1960s, and they were especially loved for their complex woven patterns that each possess a special meaning. Some of the more popular Aran stitches include the honeycomb, which represents hard work and the faithful worker bees of the Aran Islands, the moss stitch that represents growth and also symbolizes carrageenan moss, which is the seaweed that lines the stone walls of the Aran Islands, and the zigzag, which symbolizes the jagged cliffs of the Aran Islands. Other familiar stitches include the diamond, which signifies a blessing for abundance, wealth, and success, the basket, which represents the fisherman's basket for good luck in making plentiful catches, and the cable, which symbolizes prayers for safety and good luck in the fisherman’s daily life.

Irish Wool Gloves — 100% Merino Wool

In addition to wonderfully displaying mesmerizing Aran stitch designs, some of these pieces are also crafted from pure Merino wool. Merino wool is highly sought after for its luxurious softness, breathability, and insulating warmth, so these gloves and mittens will have any woman’s hands looking and feeling amazing outside in the fall and winter weather!

Irish Fingerless Gloves

For women who do not care for the sometimes restrictive motion of winter gloves but want to keep the core of their hands insulated, the various pairs of Irish fingerless gloves are a great option. While warming the palms of the hands and the wrists from the cold, these gloves leave the fingers free to allow for activities that require dexterous use of the fingers like operating a smartphone. These fingerless gloves also lend a cool, edgy feel to any outfit that will have any woman standing out in style!

For an item that offers true versatility in both style and utility, many women will adore the Patrick Francis Cream Aran Knit Pomp Mitten Gloves. Crafted from a soft blend that is 55% acrylic and 45% cotton, these mitten gloves will keep your hands warm out in the bitter cold. Trendy and adaptable, these mitten gloves are convertible. They can be worn as fingerless gloves, which are great for keeping the hands toasty while using them to operate items like a smartphone, but they can also be worn as mittens by folding the flaps over and fastening them using the small white buttons on the front. With these mittens, you can simply switch from minimal coverage that gives your hands dexterity to grasp and operate objects, to full coverage that provides complete insulation for the hands.

As you can see, there is something here for every woman in this selection of Irish Women’s Gloves at Shamrock Gift. For traditional women who have charming old-fashioned style, there are ornate wool mittens to choose from, for classic contemporary women, there are elegant gloves, and for women with more diverse, modern style, there are the fun but functional fingerless gloves. Don’t wait any longer; treat yourself to one of our pairs of gorgeous gloves, or make a pair a fabulous gift for a family member or friend!

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