Aran Woollen Mills

Merino Wool Irish Fingerless Knit Gloves


■ Our fantastic fingerless gloves are available in a one-size-fits-all design and ship in Classic Aran (off white) or Toasted Oat colors. 
■ Each pair of these gloves are knitted by hand from Supersoft Merino wool, one of the world’s softest and most luxurious fabrics. 
■ Carraig Donn is known as one of the world’s finest makers of authentic Irish clothing, and is renowned for its fine woolen products. 
■ The tight knitted wool, amazing softness, and unmatched durability of these gloves ensures you’ll enjoy them for years to come!


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When you are out in bone-chilling weather, you have two choices: keep your hands warm with a pair of gloves, or do not wear gloves to keep your hands free and freeze your little fingers off! Thankfully, our good friends at Carraig Donn have come up with a solution: Our Super Soft Merino Wool Irish Fingerless Knit Gloves are made from Supersoft Merino wool and will insulate your hands and wrists while keeping your fingers free so you can still use your phone or tablet when you are out and about.

The fingerless style of our gloves makes them a natural standout, and they’re versatile enough to wear with casual and formal looks. Our wonderful Merino Wool Irish Fingerless Knit Gloves are available in a very comfortable one-size-fits-all design and are available in Classic Aran (off white) or Toasted Oat colors that are easy colors to match, and very pleasing to the eye.

Easily pair these with any of your favorite cold weather ensembles and remain warm and comfy this fall or winter without worrying about looking mismatched or awkward. In fact, everyone will want to know where you found these wonderful pieces and since these make wonderful gifts, why not pick up a few pairs to give as gifts this year? You’ll become an instant hero and every friend or family member lucky enough to receive one will always be reminded of how much you love them each time they feel these glove’s wonderful warmth.

Anyone lucky enough to own a pair of our Merino Wool Irish Fingerless Knit Gloves will be blown away by their amazing quality. Carraig Donn, one of Ireland’s most popular manufacturers of fine woolen garments, has created an incredibly durable, versatile, and stylish product that can be enjoyed by Irish and non-Irish alike.

Anyone who appreciates attention to detail, unparalleled craftsmanship, and smart style will fall in love with these fingerless gloves, and will treasure them for many years to come. Stay toasty and chic by accessorizing your winter outfit with these fun and practical gloves. Do not delay in ordering your pair today and receive free shipping anywhere in the United States at no cost whatsoever!