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This fun, eclectic range of Irish kids’ accessories includes bibs, booties, hats, school bags, and cuddly blankets! We have something for every kind of child, from the bookish kid to the kid who can’t stop bouncing off the walls. 

Extensive range of Irish Accessories for Kids

With a range of traditional and modern Irish styles to choose from, no matter your taste, you’ll find something for your young child. We carry a wide selection of sizes, from 1-2 months up through 12 years, so you can even plan in advance if you see something you like. From shamrock dresses to Viking hats, we’ve got all your Irish designed children’s accessories covered. 

With name brands like Traditional Craft, Lansdowne, Patrick Francis, and Carraig Donn, our children’s accessories come from some of the most popular Irish manufacturers who have honed their skill through decades of business. 

Irish Baby Blankets

Using only the finest Irish materials and manufacturing methods, these companies know how to spin a yarn and weave a blanket. In fact, our baby blankets are made from super soft merino wool in traditional Aran knit patterns. The Aran patterns, including the traditional cable knit and diamond patterns, originated on the Aran Islands in the late 19th century and have been renowned for their intricacy and beauty ever since. By the mid-20th century, the patterns that originated in the remote Aran Islands had spread throughout Ireland and began to be seen in all forms of Irish fashion, including famously in the sweaters worn by the Clancy Brothers when they performed on the Ed Sullivan Show. Today, they are a unique call back to the protection and comfort of traditional Aran fisherman sweaters while having been updated with the softer wools available in Ireland now.

Our baby blankets are available in soft merino wool, to keep your child warm and comfortable wherever they sleep. Some are adorned with cute sheep and shamrock designs to remind them of the home country. What would Ireland be without a reminder of the green fields and pastures for which it is renowned?

  • Saol Merino Wool Aran Baby Blanket- this beautiful Aran blanket from SAOL is made from finest, 100% merino wool and it is knit using classic Irish cable stitches, honeycomb, and basket stitches.

  • Shamrock Carraig Donn Baby Blanket- keep your child warm with this authentic Irish Blanket with Shamrocks that combines comfort with a trendy, classy, and outstanding look.

  • Shamrock Cable Stitch Aran Throw- made of 100% Merino Wool this large blanket is a perfect addition to keep you warm every winter for years to come.

Aran Knitwear Accessories for Children

Also in the Aran style, we have a series of dresses, shawls, and caps for the older children, including a beautiful pinafore dress and a more traditional button cape. Our Irish cable knit hats come in a range of colors including navy, pink, and purple with pompoms on the top to add a bit of whimsical style. 

Our Patrick Francis Cream Kids Shamrock Hat features a green shamrock at the base with a big pompom on the top, perfect for displaying Irish pride wherever you take your child. The patterns are also ideal for regulating heat, with the three-dimensional knit styles trapping the cool air from the outdoors in the yarn, and allowing it to be warmed by the natural heat of the body, making it a perfect choice for keeping your child comfortable on chilly days.

Irish Flat Caps for Kids

For the stylish kid out there, we also offer a selection of Irish flat caps. It’s never too early to indulge a kid’s love of Newsies, and our offerings from Mucros and Patrick Francis are a traditional and economical, place to start.

Funny Irish Clothing Accessories for Kids

For the truly whimsical kid out there, our line of Wacky Woolies gear is right out of a children’s book. Featuring a plethora of colorful sheep in funny poses, there’s no end to the fun that can be had in these cute backpacks and bags. And for the Viking enthusiast, we offer a green and pink Viking stocking cap complete with horns to show off their growing strength and passion for history. Our shamrock dresses and socks also channel the Irish spirit and are made from natural materials, so they won’t itch or scratch the delicate skin of your baby. 

Shop our whole selection of Irish children’s accessories today.

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  1. Irish Wool Child's Mittens
    Irish Wool Child's Mittens
  2. Girls Ireland Pink Viking Horns Knit Hat Out of Stock
    Girls Ireland Pink Viking Horns Knit Hat
    As low as $19.95
    Out of stock
  3. Sailing Boat Knit Throw
    Sailing Boat Knit Throw
  4. Knit Patch Cot Throw
    Knit Patch Cot Throw
  5. Apple Green Ireland Shamrock Kids Baseball Cap Out of Stock
    Apple Green Ireland Shamrock Kids Baseball Cap
    As low as $24.95
    Out of stock
  6. Kids Green Shamrock Socks
    Kids Green Shamrock Socks
  7. Traditional Craft Black Celtic Twist 3D Baseball Cap Out of Stock
  8. Mucros Weavers Irish Tweed Wool Newsboy Hat Out of Stock
    Mucros Weavers Irish Tweed Wool Newsboy Hat
    As low as $53.95
    Out of stock
  9. Mucros Weavers Green Tweed Newsboy Hat Out of Stock
    Mucros Weavers Green Tweed Newsboy Hat
    As low as $55.95
    Out of stock
  10. Child's Mittens
    Child's Mittens
  11. Wacky Woolies Bag for Life
    Wacky Woolies Bag for Life
  12. Kids Shamrock Socks
    Kids Shamrock Socks
  13. Kids Irish Viking Horns Fun Knit Hat Out of Stock
    Kids Irish Viking Horns Fun Knit Hat
    As low as $19.99
    Out of stock
  14. Green and White Striped Kids Ireland Celtic Nation Hat Out of Stock
  15. Child's Irish Wool Poncho
    Child's Irish Wool Poncho

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