Saol Merino Wool Aran Baby Blanket


■ Crafted from 100% Merino wool, this blanket offers softness and excellent heat insulating properties, ensuring your baby stays warm and snug
■ Design showcasing timeless Aran cable, honeycomb & basket stitches, this blanket showcases a unique Irish design that weaves a story of protection and abundance
■ Its generous size of 36 x 50" provides versatility for your baby's comfort, being perfectly tailored for swaddling, stroller rides, or nursery decor
■ This Aran baby blanket makes a thoughtful Irish gift for a newborn, offering warmth and also carrying the essence of Irish culture 


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SAOL’s Merino Wool Aran Baby Blanket is the perfect blend of comfort, superior craftsmanship, and a culturally-inspired design, that will elevate your nursery with a touch of Irish allure.

Crafted from 100% Merino wool, this fluffy baby blanket offers unparalleled softness. Merino wool boasts durability and resistance, ensuring that this blanket withstands the test of time.The blanket showcases traditional patterns derived from the distant Aran Islands, situated along Ireland's western coast, which were initially crafted to provide insulation for raw wool sweaters worn by Irish fishermen while out at sea. The distinct texture of this design offered a dual advantage of breathability and good heat insulation – countering the harsh conditions of the Atlantic environment. Crafted using the same traditional technique, our baby blanket ensures optimal comfort and warmth without overheating, making it an ideal choice for babies.

The culturally-inspired design features Aran cable, basket, and honeycomb stitches which hold a profound history and symbolism. The cable stitch is said to symbolize Irish fishermen's ropes, which local women knitted as a wish for their husbands' safety at sea. The honeycomb stitch represents the hardworking bees and the sweet rewards of their labor, adding layers of cultural significance and warmth to your baby's world. The basket pattern is reminiscent of fishermen’s baskets and is thought to bring good luck and big catches at sea.

Sized 36 x 50 inches, this baby blanket is designed with the practicality a baby needs. That's why it's perfect for swaddling, having it at hand during stroller rides or in your nursery, as its generous dimensions provide an array of comforting options for your baby's needs.

This Aran baby blanket boasts authenticity and quality craftsmanship, being a true testament to Irish tradition. An exceptional gift for a newborn, this blanket offers warmth and coziness for a baby and brings the essence of the Emerald Isle close to anyone's family.