Aran Woollen Mills

Classic Plaited Celtic Merino Wool Throw


■ Our blanket is made from super soft, cozy, and comfy 100% Irish Merino wool, keeping you warm and stylish throughout the cold winter season
■ The lovely throw is currently available in Oatmeal and Green, colors that bring vibrancy and style in any look during the cold chilly winter season.
■ The gorgeous Celtic Merino Wool Blanket comes in dimensions of 40 by 55 inches, large enough to sufficiently cover up and keep you warm from the slithering cold
■ The beautiful piece is a product of Aran Woollen Mills and knit in Ireland
■ The product features standout, authentic, and unique traditional Irish designs and patterns, including the lovely Cable and Trellis stitches.



Maintaining that stylish, trendy, and classy look irrespective of the weather condition and season ranks on top of the wish list for any lady. Fashion and trends are not constant and are bound to change every so often. Finding a designer or manufacturing label that is well averse with the current trends in fashion is the ultimate goal for many stylists. Keeping warm, comfy, and stylish during the winter can be challenging, but not with our magnificent and stunning Classic Plaited Celtic Merino Wool Thrown.

Throws are an essential accessory used for keeping warm, whether indoors or for an outdoor occasion. Rocking a winter throw compliments any look, for any occasion, whether formal or casual wear. Our Classic Plaited Celtic Merino Wool Throw embodies that perfect winter look, combining warmth, comfort, fashion, and style all in one. The marvelous blanket is a cozy find, perfect for curling up in bed or on a sofa, or for that outdoor event during cold winter days.
The lovely Celtic Wool Throw is a product of the prestigious Carraig Donn. Carraig Donn is a leading, well renowned, and established Irish manufacturing firm. The company is well ahead of others in terms of that perfect, outstanding, and fashionable winter look. The firm is Ireland’s oldest knitwear manufacturer, whose products have the most genuine and authentic designs and styles. The company has, over time, perfected its craftsmanship, coming up with products encompassing the traditional and modern trendy looks. The artisans at Carraig Donn employ the use of ancient, authentic, and glamorous Irish Designs that have been around for centuries. The purpose of the Irish patterns in the designs and style of the products has endeared the company to many, not only in Ireland but across Europe and around the world.

The design of the beautiful blanket features elaborates and standout ancient Aran stitches, giving it an authentic and magnificent look. The Aran Stitches come endowed with a rich Irish history and a lovely and cozy texture. There are several variations of the beautiful Aran stitches, all with a distinct, authentic, and unique look. The patterns feature elaborately in a majority of products from Carraig Donn.

Adorning the stunning blanket are beautiful Trellis patterns that symbolize the fields of Aran Islands, the very origin of the lovely designs. Also featuring in the design are the standout and intricate Cable patterns that represent prayers for safe and fruitful voyages for fishermen, an ancient cultural practice in the Irish Irelands.