Traditional Irish Shamrock Blanket


■ Our Irish throw is made of 100% soft Merino Wool, a premium quality material that ensures warmth, breathability, and durability for long-lasting wear.

■ This throw is designed with a raised shamrock knit pattern at the center surrounded by beautiful geometric diamond and cable Aran patterns, for cultural significance.

■ This Traditional Irish Shamrock Blanket measures 69” in length and 46” in width, the perfect size for wrapping up snugly.

■ The blanket is made in Ireland by SAOL and would be a thoughtful and culturally inspired gift for a loved one.



Enjoy the warmth and comfort of our Traditional Irish Shamrock Blanket, an exquisite piece of Irish knitwear artistry that combines modern with classic connecting you to generations of Irish heritage. This blanket is made of 100% luxuriously soft yet durable Merino wool. This material is ideal for staying warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather, as it's breathable and adaptable, keeping you dry and comfortable. Natural and sustainable, Merino Wool is an excellent choice for anyone seeking fashionable and environmentally friendly knits. The throw blanket is crafted using age-old techniques that add depth and texture. These knit patterns date back over 100 years and have been used by working Irish fishermen and lovers of Irish culture alike.

The timeless design features beautiful cable and diamond patterns surrounding a raised shamrock. The shamrock is an Irish motif that has been recognized as the symbol of Ireland for centuries, making the throw a tribute to the Emerald Isle. The shamrock is related to Saint Patrick, Ireland's patron saint, who is believed to used it to describe the Holy Trinity to Irish pagans. The diamond stitch depicts the shape of the fields on which farmers lived and worked in the Aran Islands and symbolizes hope for wealth, prosperity, and success. The ends are finished with traditional Irish cable knitting with a reinforced rib knit for durability and to prevent fraying. The cable stitch is a representation of the Irish fishermen’s ropes and symbolizes good luck and a wish for an abundant catch. The blanket is made in Ireland by Saol, one of the leading manufacturers of contemporary Irish knitwear, accessories, and throws.

This Traditional Irish Shamrock Blanket measures 69” in length and 46” in width, the perfect size for wrapping up snugly or for other purposes like home decoration. This Irish throw would make a wonderful decor accessory for an Irish household or a culturally-inspired gift for someone loved in your life for a variety of occasions, such as Christmas, birthdays, and housewarming gifts.