Aran Woollen Mills

Cozy Merino Wool Irish Patchwork Knit Throw


■ Made out of 100% merino wool with a super soft and cozy touch that guarantees warmth especially during the cold, chilly, winter season
■ The design and style of the wool knit blanket has an Irish feel, embracing the use of the intricate and standout traditional Aran stitches that have a striking beauty

■ The lovely throw comes in dimensions of 64 inches in length and 42 inches in width, large enough to cover your seats or yourself as you keep warm

■ The Cozy Merino Wool Irish Patchwork Knit Throw is a product of one of Ireland’s leading and renowned manufacturers, Carraig Donn, a pride of Ireland

■ The lovely blanket is currently available in white color that perfectly blends in with any surrounding, a perfect addition to any home setting

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Keeping your home cozy, warm, and stylish during the cold, winter season can be challenging. Ensuring that your furniture and other household items are well covered is essential in having your living space warm, livelier, and more exciting. Several blankets will brighten your home and serve as a beautiful addition to enhance warmth and comfort. If you are looking to bring the Irish traditional and warm coziness into your home during the winter season then our gorgeous and stunning Cozy Merino Wool Irish Patchwork Knit Throw fits the bill.
The lovely and wonderfully crafted throw is perfectly designed to fit around your armchair or sofa, adding a touch of sophistication and class to your home.

Every little piece of the Cozy Merino Wool Irish Knit Patchwork Throw screams perfection, from the design, style, and finishing. Our lovely piece will be an excellent addition to your home, driving the cold away even as you bring life and color to your living space. You can also consider adding this fantastic piece of art to your gift basket when shopping for gifts for your friends or loved ones. Made from 100% rich and genuine Merino wool, this knit blanket pays tribute to the great and vast Irish culture with a tapestry of lovely stitching that originates from the Aran Islands off the coast of western Ireland.

Those looking to purchase this beautiful blanket are assured of the quality of the product because the throw is a product of one of Ireland's most exceptional and leading garment manufacturers- Carraig Donn. The renowned firm has established a name for itself as a frontrunner in the production of exquisite knitwear. Carraig Donn manufacturers and designers embrace the deep Irish roots in the production of their lovely clothes. The material used in Carraig Donn’s product all have an Irish origin, and exclusively embrace the use of Irish prints and designs. In the lovely Cozy Merino Wool Irish Patchwork Knit Throw, several Irish patterns are elaborately displayed. Different patches that include cable and diamond stitching sit in beautiful, layered stacks. The attractive designs create a mosaic-like piece of art that is pleasing to the eye and marvelously stand out.

Our Knit Patchwork Throw makes a lovely decorative accent that will dress up an armchair or sofa. The marvelous piece of art is large enough to wrap you in gentle, luxurious warmth on a chilly evening by the fireplace in your home.