Aran Woollen Mills

Classic Merino Honeycomb Irish Aran Throw Blanket



■ Our classic Irish Aran Throw Blanket is crafted of 100% worsted wool, a breathable and comfortable material
■ This throw is designed with eye-catching Aran patterns, such as the cable knit for good luck and the honeycomb for abundance
■ Measuring 60” in length and 40” in width, the throw is the perfect size for wrapping up snugly
■ The throw is made in Ireland by Aran Woollen Mills and would be a thoughtful and culturally-inspired gift 



This Irish throw blanket is perfect for anyone looking for a luxurious throw blanket that also exudes Irish charm! This cozy throw from Carraig Donn is knit using the traditional Aran stitching as the basket and honeycomb stitches that play up the texture of its soft and plush merino wool.

With dimensions of 60 inches by 40 inches, this blanket is the perfect size for throwing over a table or chair or for wrapping up snugly in for a night at home.

Product Features We Adore

Natural Color

The natural white references the first Aran sweaters made generations ago.

Irish Cable Pattern

Knit in a remarkably complex Irish Aran Cable Pattern for a beautiful texture

100% Merino Wool

Super soft to the touch and highly durable.