Aran Woollen Mills

Irish Wool Patchwork Throw Blanket


■ Crafted from 100% Merino wool, this soft Aran blanket boasts breathability & remarkable heat insulation, which ensure you stay warm & cozy
■ The blanket displays a patchwork of Aran stitches, including the classic cable, honeycomb, and diamond motifs, this blanket exudes the essence of Irish design
■ Measuring 42 x 60", this blanket is perfectly tailored to be draped over a couch, placed on a bed, or wrapped around your shoulders on a chilly evening
■ Our Aran blanket showcases the craftsmanship and authenticity of Irish artistry, making a thoughtful Irish housewarming gift that will add elegance to any space



Wrap yourself in coziness with this exceptional Irish Wool Patchwork Adult Throw Blanket that seamlessly weaves tradition and sophistication.
Crafted from the finest 100% Merino wool, this blanket is a testament to high-quality knitwear. Merino wool offers a balance of breathability and heat-insulating properties, being a high-quality and durable natural material, promising long-lasting use.. The blanket features classic motifs originating from the remote Aran Islands, located on the western coast of Ireland. These patterns were initially created to insulate the raw wool sweaters worn by Irish fishermen during their sea ventures. The texture of this design provided a dual advantage, ensuring both breathability and great heat insulation, effectively helping the fishermen in overcoming the challenging conditions of the Atlantic environment. Our Aran blanket is crafted using the same technique, providing optimal comfort in any weather without overheating.
The culturally-inspired design of intricate Aran stitching adds a dose of Irish symbolism to this blanket. Each stitch carries a tale of significance, starting with the classic cable stitch, thought to represent the Irish fishermen's ropes. It is said that Irish women knitted these stitches for their husbands as a wish for their safety and good lock during their sea ventures. The honeycomb stitch represents the diligence of bees and their sweet rewards, being also another symbol of good luck and fortune. The intricate diamond stitch represents the little farms that dotted the landscapes of the Aran Islands, and symbolizes prosperity and success.
Sized at 42 x 60 inches, this Aran throw is perfectly tailored to serve as an elegant piece of home decor, adorning a couch, bed, or your favorite reading chair. Its generous proportions also allow you to wrap it around your shoulders on a chilly evening.
Our blanket is made by Aran Woolen Mills in Ireland, being a testament to Irish craftsmanship and authenticity. It makes a great housewarming gift, enriching anyone's ambiance with Irish charm.