Irish Shamrock Wool Throw


■ Our Aran throw blanket is made of 100% Merino Wool, an exquisite blend of softness and warmth, enveloping you in luxury. 
■ Adorning the edges and center of the blanket, the carefully woven Shamrocks are symbols deeply rooted in Irish heritage. 
■ The Cable Stitch Pattern featured on this throw tells stories of resilience, courage, and luck. 
■ Measuring a spacious 60" x 40", this throw is perfect for being draped over furniture or wrapped around you. 

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The magic of Ireland is never far away when you’re cuddled up with this stunning Irish Shamrock Wool Throw. Crafted from 100% Merino wool, an organic yarn that is ethically sourced from Merino sheep, this throw offers a durable, luxurious, and eco-conscious choice. Soft, moisture-wicking, resilient, and wrinkle-free, Merino wool is the perfect choice for comfort and sustainability. The world-famous Irish shamrock is featured twice on this stunning throw: once, on a rich green trim that spans the top and bottom ends of the blanket, and also as a raised stitched figure. This iconic symbol is thought to bring good luck, and to be a beautiful representation of the Holy Trinity in Irish Christianity. The textured design is enriched by Aran cable stitches, carrying unspoken blessings for good luck, safety, and protection. The cable stitch, a classic in Aran knitwear, symbolizes fishermen's ropes and was originally knitted by local women as a wish for husbands' safety and fortune at sea. Crafted using the traditional Aran technique, the stitches enhance insulation without compromising breathability, ensuring that when you need this blanket as a warm-up, it will offer you maximum comfort and warmth without causing overheating. Measuring 60" x 40", this versatile throw is perfect for adorning your bed, draping over a reading chair, or providing warmth on a relaxing evening as a blanket. Either way, we’re sure that you’ll come to see this delightful piece as your “lucky Irish blanket” in no time! Its warmth and distinctive appearance make it a great gift option for newlywed couples, a friend who has just moved into a new place, a family welcoming a new baby, or for just about anyone you love.