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Start your child’s Irish pride off early with a surprise from Shamrock Gift’s baby section! We have beautiful Aran sweaters, gorgeous hooded baby buntings, cozy hand-knit blankets and even tiny booties and mittens. 

Authentic Irish Baby Clothes

Whatever your new baby’s winter wardrobe needs, you can find it here. Looking for a gift for a baby shower or new mom? Shamrock Gift has more than just clothing. We also have Irish baby blessing plaques, picture frames and so much more, so your loved ones can celebrate their new addition and their Celtic heritage, all at the same time.

Available in exciting ranges of colors and designs, the items in our Irish Baby Clothes selection will have your babies learning early about the beauty and history of Irish culture. 

Shamrock-Themed Irish Baby Clothing

Pieces like our shamrock socks and shamrock crewneck sweaters will teach them about the shamrock, the national flower of Ireland. Over the course of history, the shamrock has become synonymous with both good fortune and St. Patrick’s Day. Its ties to Ireland’s revered Saint Patrick comes from the saint using the flower’s three leaves to explain the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit of Christianity’s Holy Trinity to Irish converts. Before the time of Saint Patrick, Druids believed that the shamrock had special powers that allowed it to ward off danger by detecting evil spirits. The shamrock’s three heart-shaped leaves have also been believed to stand for faith, hope, and love. With a Girls t-shirt featuring the shamrock in green glitter paired with pink frilled sleeves, festive socks that feature white shamrocks against a green backdrop, and cool varsity-style jackets that feature shamrock emblems, our collection of Irish Baby Clothes has something for every child!

  • White Shamrock Applique Bandana Bib- made of delicate white cotton with green trim and a velcro fastener, the festive shamrock on the front makes a beautiful complement to your baby daily outfits.

  • White Shamrock Kids Long Sleeve Baby Dress- for a stylish little Irish girl this long sleeve dress from Traditional Craft is excellent. Super-soft and super comfortable..

  • White Shamrock Applique Baby Vest- this sweet onesie makes a wonderful St. Patrick's Day outfit for baby. Beautifully features an iconic Irish Shamrock detailing and Ireland Lettering.

  • Kids Shamrock Socks- these lucky baby socks come in delicate white cotton that is highlighted with green shamrocks and green trim on the toe.

Aran Baby Knitwear

If you want to pamper your newborn or tiny tot in luxurious warmth, then there’s no better way to do that than with our fine selection of Aran wool hats,  Baby Aran blankets, Baby Aran sweaters, and more. These pieces are made of pure Merino wool, which he admired for its rich softness and moisture-wicking ability that makes these pieces comfortably breathable to use or wear. 

  • Saol Merino Wool Aran Baby Blanket- this beautiful and large Merino Wool blanket is ideal to wrap around your baby with comfort, softness, and warmth. 

  • Baby Aran Sweater Hand Knit- for a durable and stylish knitwear piece look no further than this Aran sweater that comes with cute three-button shoulder detail.

Items like these blankets and sweaters show off ornate Aran stitches that have special meanings. Some of the popular stitches include the honeycomb, which represents the dedicated worker bees of the Aran Islands, the diamond, which represents a blessing for wealth and success, and the cable, which signifies prayers for safety and good fortune in the Aran Island fisherman’s daily life. Pieces like the Hand-knit Merino wool baby booties by Carraig Donn or Green Aran Pinafore Dress make an absolutely darling holiday gift or baby shower present for a new addition to the family.

Irish Sheep Baby Clothes

Many of our Irish Baby Clothes also feature lively illustrations of sheep, which are a beloved part of the Emerald Isle. Millions of sheep peacefully reside on the scenic hills and countryside of Ireland, so they are a cherished part of the country’s landscape. People commonly joke that there are so many sheep that they outnumber the people on the island nation! With fun items like the Traditional Craft Green White Striped 3D Sheep Slipper Sock and the White/Emerald Aop Sheep Baby Vest available in white and green, your babies will come to adore Irish sheep too!

Irish Leprechaun Baby Apparel

One amusing character in Irish culture that your babies will also enjoy is the leprechaun. Leprechauns are naughty little beings from Irish fairy tales that craft shoes and amass gold coins in pots that they hide at the end of a rainbow. According to these fairy tales, if a person captures the leprechaun, then the tiny creature will grant his captor three wishes if he sets him free. Recognized by their signature green top hats and red or green suits, leprechauns are wonderfully illustrated in animated color and design in pieces like our Leprechaun Toe Baby Socks.

Whether it’s for birthdays, christenings, holidays, or just because, Shamrock Gift’s collection of Irish Baby Clothes items has all you need for all of the little ones in your family and close circles!

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