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Set Descending Direction’s range of St. Patrick’s Day sweaters for men and women offers a unique blend of traditional Irish styles and contemporary design. Our St. Patrick’s Day sweaters let you show off your Irish pride without resorting to twee depictions of leprechauns, pots of gold, or even green if you don’t want to, though we have plenty of green sweaters to choose from, too.

St. Patrick’s Day Sweater Collection 

With brand name offerings for men and women from Carraig Donn, Boyne Valley Knitwear, and Guinness, our sweaters are sourced from the highest quality materials and made with centuries of Irish knitting knowledge behind them. When the brisk winds require some layers, these authentic Irish sweaters offer the best of warmth and Celtic style.

Irish Wool Sweaters

With traditional Aran sweaters ranging from chunky turtlenecks to flattering, sleek cuts for men and women, there is something warm for every occasion and style. Our line of St. Patrick’s Day sweaters are inspired by the traditional Aran sweaters worn by the fishermen of the Aran Islands to protect them from the harsh Atlantic spray and winds while searching for the day’s catch. The beautiful knit patterns were originally a way to provide more texture and heft to the sweaters in order to let the cool air circulate throughout the yarn, while being warmed by the natural heat of the body. Today, they serve much the same purpose, and are made with the softest merino and lambswool for additional comfort. Here are some of our beloved Aran Wool Sweaters you should take in consideration:
Ladies Cable Crew Neck Sweater — For a woman who loves elegance and comfort our sweater is perfect. It comes with a classic and sporty design that shows off the Aran knitting
Men's One Button Shawl Wool Collar Cable Sweater — A classy and elegant V-Neck Shawl Collar Sweater carrying on the tradition of centuries of superior Irish craftsmanship. A single brown football button adds sophistication and charm.
Baby Aran Sweater Hand Knit — Your kids will love the comfort, warmth, and freedom of movement this wool sweater offers, and you will love how durable this sweater is.

Official Guinness Sweaters

Authentic Guinness sweaters and sweatshirts celebrate one of the most recognizable of Irish brands. Stylish, black zip-ups for men and women, offer an easy, convenience layer for casual looks. Each comes with the trademark Guinness logo or Guinness Lettering printed on the front to keep you extra warm whenever you need.

Celtic Ireland Sweaters

Our line of St. Patrick’s Day sweaters from Traditional Craft offer a graphic take, with an Ireland crest or text printed on the front, lest there be any confusion about where your loyalties lie on Ireland’s most prominent national holiday. These cozy bottle-green Irish sweatshirts from Traditional Craft are soft and warm. They are perfect for anyone who is into Irish heritage or for big fans of the Emerald Isle.

How Green Became Associated with St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated every year on March 17th, supposedly the day St. Patrick died in the 5th century AD. As Ireland’s patron saint, St. Patrick was known for spreading Christianity to the pagan and druidic inhabitants of the island during his life. Though several other Christian ministers and missionaries came to Ireland after him, as the first, his legacy is firmly established in Irish religious history. Oddly enough, the color of St. Patrick is not green, but blue, a fact that can be seen in many depictions of the saint prior to the 19th century. Green didn’t become associated with St. Patrick, or his feast day, until the Rebellion of 1798, when Irish troops took to singing “The Wearing of the Green,” as they went into battle. And while today some consider it bad luck not to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day, this is an even more modern invention, so feel free to ignore it with your new-found superior knowledge. As for St. Patrick’s Day’s legacy as a day-long feast and drinking holiday, this is also a relatively modern contrivance, spurred as much by Ireland’s tourism industry as the Irish in America. In fact, the first ever St. Patrick’s Day celebration in public happened in the United States, not Ireland, as did the first ever St. Patrick’s Day parade, in New York City. In Ireland itself, national law dictated that pubs close on this religious holiday, and until the 1970s, the only place to purchase a pint of Guinness on the day was at the horse races. But pushback from breweries and in particular Budweiser changed all that and in the decades since, St. Patrick’s Day has become a week-long festival in Ireland that draws attendees from around the world to experience its magic.

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