Aran Woollen Mills

Ladies Buttoned Cable Cardigan


■ Made from Irish supersoft merino sheep’s wool that is warm, breathable, and durable, a mark of a top-quality product
■ Consists of a convenient front button closure, making it easy to take the cardigan off and on quickly, with a touch of whimsical fun

■ The handy front pockets are comfortable and practical, making it easy for you to pocket your small items and safely tuck your hands away from the cold


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A little bit of sophistication, a touch of class and exquisite design is any ladies dream of the ultimate winter wear. Staying trendy and outstanding irrespective of the weather is what any lady dreams of any day. There are many outfits that one can try out during the cold season, but just a handful of clothes rank as the perfect winter wear. Our stunning Ladies Buttoned Cable Cardigan is the excellent wear that encapsulates all things beautiful about beauty, style, and class during the cold season. The lovely cardigan incorporates smart modern elements to keep you stylish, fresh, and comfortable.

The gorgeous button cable knit cardigan is crafted from 100% Irish supersoft merino sheep's wool, natural, organic substance renowned for its incredible softness, durability, and a cozy warmth. Another cool feature of the wool is its remarkable breathability, allowing for air to circulate and wick away sweat with ease.

The sweater is a product of one of Ireland’s leading and renowned garment manufacturing firms, Carraig Donn. The magnificent firm is at the forefront of producing some of the most exceptional winters wears with a touch of class and beauty.

The Ladies Buttoned Cable Knit Cardigan features incredible ancient traditional Aran patterns that are unique and outstanding. The models find their origin in the Aran Islands off the western coast of Ireland, designs that have arrested the attention and imagination of the fashion world. The elaborate cable knit patterns deliberately evoke the appearance of the ropes used by the ancient Aran Island fishermen, serving as a charm of luck and protection.

The sweater features a gorgeous cowl neck collar, around front button closure and deep front pockets that bring a touch of modernity and class to the sweater. The deep-seated pockets are convenient for the storage of your little valuables and keeping your hands tucked in, away from the biting cold.

The manufacturers of the fantastic cardigan bring forth a mixture of Irish cultural heritage and fashion. This lovely piece will be the perfect addition to your winter wear. You can also consider getting our awesome Ladies Buttoned Cable Cardigan for your friends or loved ones as a gift.