Aran Woollen Mills

SuperSoft Merino Wool Chunky Cable Cowl Sweater


■ Ladies’ Aran cable cowl sweater, crafted from 100% Supersoft Merino wool, an organic, sustainable material with great heat-insulating properties, ideal for year-round wear

■ Designed with traditional Aran cable stitches, a symbol of good luck and abundance, originating from the sweaters of Irish fishermen

■ Features a modern chunky cowl collar that offers coziness and styling versatility, whether styled over an elegant dress, with comfy jeans, or with knitted Aran scarfs

■ Authentically made in Ireland, our sweater makes a unique addition to your wardrobe, or a thoughtful gift for those who appreciate heritage, craftsmanship, and quality 


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Bring a touch of Ireland’s rich history and cultural heritage into your life -- or the life of a treasured, Ireland-loving family member or friend -- with this magnificent Aran Island-style cowl sweater. No matter the occasion or season, it’s the perfect way to show your adoration and appreciation for the Emerald Isle off to the world at all times! Whether you pair it with a skirt and boots or your favorite jeans and sneakers, it’s guaranteed to add a special Irish charm to your look that’ll have the compliments rolling in left, right, and center!

Woven in a style specifically chosen to echo the appearance of traditional Aran Island knitwear, this super-soft sweater was hand-made in Ireland, and is as authentic a classic Emerald Isle piece of attire as they come. For over a century now, the islands off Ireland’s western coast have been world-famous for their premium knit sweaters, which were originally designed and created for practicality rather than fashion, keeping the community’s farmers, builders, and fishermen warm and comfortable while braving the elements in their work each day. Now, of course, the Aran sweater is a prized fashion must-have in all corners of the globe, loved for their chunky, vintage look and high quality make. This particular product is no different: made from 100% real Irish supersoft merino sheep’s wool, it’s as warm as it is lightweight and breathable, making it a phenomenal choice for wear at any time of the year. Merino sheep’s wool is also an excellent option for those with sensitive skin prone to redness and irritation -- completely natural and organic, its fibers are kind to all skin types, and will keep you as comfortable can be from morning til night!

This sweater makes beautiful use of one of the most well-known stitches of the Aran Islands: the cable stitch. Specifically designed to evoke the look of the thick, sturdy ropes used by the islander fishermen while working out at sea, this stitch has come to be viewed as a symbol of safety and protection, as well as abundance (and rightly so, as the Aran Island fishermen were -- and still are today -- known for their bountiful catches!). The symbolism behind this stitch makes this sweater a truly excellent gift option for any Ireland-lover in your life with a strong sense of tradition and depth of meaning.

Whether you pick this gorgeous Aran Island knit sweater up for yourself or make it a thoughtful and creative gift for a family member, beloved friend, or treasured, Ireland-loving coworker, you’re guaranteed to feel an instant sense of heightened appreciation for the expert Irish craftsmanship that went into its composition from the moment you lay eyes on it. Indulge your own love for the Emerald Isle, or make it a Christmas, birthday, or “just because” gift that your loved one will never forget!