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Ladies Turtleneck Ribbed Cable Knit Sweater

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■ Knit from an ultra-soft Acrylic and Wool blend that is extremely lightweight, yet warm and cozy to provide ultimate comfort 
■ The sweater is double-stitched and features authentic Aran cable and diamond stitching patterns that symbolize luck and good fortune 
■ Features a stylish turtleneck design that you can roll up or down for versatility, as well as extra warmth and comfort 
■ Wash the sweater by hand in cold water using mild detergent and dry on a flat surface in an airy environment, out of direct sunlight


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Looking for something in your wardrobe, but you cannot find anything to wear? On a cold and unforgiving day, nothing warms you up quicker than a well made turtleneck sweater. The classic turtleneck has been a cozy winter staple in the past for many, but in recent years it has been making a major fashion comeback.

Where can it be worn? How about a trip to the country, facing some of the coldest nights. How about to the cafe when you just want to sit down, drink coffee, and relax with a good book. Trends come and go, but this gorgeous, flattering turtleneck sweater is meticulously crafted to be passed down through generations, and it has truly timeless character. The wool is made with incredible high quality - soft and thick organic 100% Merino straight from the Aran Islands on Ireland’s west coast at the mouth of Galway Bay. It is also double stitched for extra warmth, and knitted with beautiful cable and diamond patterns full of Irish history. Because it is incredibly warm, it keeps you well insulated and armored, even when the Mercury keeps dropping. The roll down neck, makes it easy to adjust the length of the neck on the sweater to the way you want it.

Being in this great comfort, will put you in right state of mind, ready to take on the day. The cable and diamond patterns come from over 120 years of fishing tradition on those islands, symbolizing good luck and fortune to those going on the tough journeys from Galway Bay.

This beautiful piece can be paired with a skirt or jeans, making it the perfect wear for any casual or informal outing. Whether it is meeting some friends for coffee or a day out to let your world be. As an added bonus, with the purchase of the traditional turtleneck sweater, you will also receive a free Aran Scarf. Making for the perfect gift for the perfect one in your life. Wear it warmth, wear it with love.