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Ladies Irish Cabled Sweater

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■ This piece is made from 100% super soft Irish merino sheep’s wool, making for a cozy, durable knit that you’ll love at any time of the year.
■ A braided cable collar detail gives this sweater a unique, whimsical edge that will set it apart from any and all other pieces in your closet. 

■ A convenient pullover style makes this piece easy to pull on and off at a moment’s notice; perfect for days when the weather is unpredictable and fluctuating.


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When one thinks about Irish fashion, a lot of visuals tend to spring immediately to mind. Without doubt, every time the traditional Irish cable-knit sweater will be included in this rich tapestry -- and with very good reason, too. For as long as many of us can remember, the cable-knit sweater -- traditionally a product of the Aran Islands, off the coast of Ireland’s beautiful western counties -- has been a mainstay in the world of fashion, thanks to its stylish charm, incredible versatility, and reliable durability. 

Bold dimensions and soft lines blend harmoniously to create a design that is effortlessly feminine and ethereal in this Ladies Irish Cabled Sweater. Made from luxurious Irish merino sheep’s wool that at once pampers and insulates the skin from even the wildest of weather conditions, this Aran wool sweater features a classic raglan style pattern, in which the long sleeves are each made in one piece that extends up to the collar. The sleeves attach to the body at a diagonal seam, which allows more freedom of movement in the arms, while simultaneously creating a tapered look that is sleek, modern, and most of all, convenient.

A chunky raised knit features Aran cable rope and braided patterns that are bold in size but softened by smooth lines and curves that create a sculpted effect. This traditional cabled look has long been considered a staple of all Aran Island knitwork. Originally, this effect was intended to evoke the look of the woven ropes once used by the Aran Island fishermen while they worked out at sea, toiling for long, hard hours every day in order to provide for their families. It was said that the feature brought them good luck, allowing them to come home safe to their loved ones every evening. Today, this cable stitch pattern is considered a symbol of hard work, prosperity, and, above all, incredible good fortune.

Elaborate basket stitching on the sides of the body contrasts wonderfully with the graceful flow of the cable patterns. Adding even more gorgeous detail to this fisherman sweater is trim detail on the hem and sleeve cuffs, which feature finer cable rope accents, along with a round, regal collar that shows off an intricate braided cable design.

This exquisite Irish wool sweater is truly a special piece that is a must-have for any woman who adores delicate design paired with fresh, innovative style. No matter what your personal preferences, lifestyle, or body shape, you’re guaranteed to find a version that’s the right fit for you! Alternatively, make this gorgeous ladies Aran knit sweater the gift of a lifetime for any special woman in your life with an important place in her heart for the history and heritage of the wonderful Emerald Isle. No matter what the gift-giving occasion (or even if it’s just because!) she’ll be guaranteed to continue thanking you for many, many years to come!