Aran Woollen Mills

Ladies Roll Neck Wool Irish Pullover Sweater


■ Irish Sweater for women, the ideal garment for fall and winter, but
can be worn all year round

■ Made of 100% Merino Wool, which is soft and warm, but also allows
breathability for increased comfort

■ Oversized fit, for relaxed wear, with a high roll neckline that
guarantees an extra dose of coziness

■ Designed in the style of an authentic Aran sweater, with traditional
cable and Aran stitches, including cable, honeycomb, Aran, moss,
diamond, and other geometrical textures in a variety of forms

■ Please hand wash only, in cold water using a gentle soap, for the best results


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Be ready for the cold season, in style, with our Roll Neck Aran Sweater. A truly charming garment to have in your wardrobe, our sweater promises to keep you warm and comfortable all day. It was made with 100% natural Merino Wool, which is an updated version of regular wool, lacking its usual itchiness. Merino is soft to the touch and has a pleasant texture in contact with the skin. It also allows breathability, so you can wear it all day without worries or discomfort.

Besides being very comfortable, our Irish sweater is also a beautiful piece to play around and upgrade your style with. It fits perfectly with a multitude of outfits, from casual to formal, but it also carries cultural significance, being knitted in honor of the traditional Irish Aran sweaters. The Aran sweater was first knit on the Aran Islands, during the 19th century. It was made by the wives and daughters of the fishermen, with the purpose of keeping their husbands and fathers protected from the unforgiving winter at sea. Since then, these sweaters became staples of fashion, carrying the cultural baggage of Ireland throughout the centuries. This piece right here encapsulates heritage in an authentic manner, being knit with a combination of stitches, including cable, honeycomb, Aran, moss, diamond, and other geometrical textures in a variety of forms.

Each pattern comes with its own symbolism behind it. For example, the cable represents the nets and ropes of the fishermen and a wish for good fortune. The diamond symbolizes abundance and the honeycomb is a sign of the sweet rewards of hard work. Also designed with a high neck, long sleeve, and a stunning knit pattern, this charming sweater will quickly find its way into your wardrobe and your heart!