Ladies Roll Neck Aran Sweater

$71.94 - $119.90

■ This sweater is made from the finest of pure Irish merino sheep’s wool, giving it a softness and durability that simply can’t be beaten by other fabrics.
■ Traditional Aran basket and cable stitches bring a charming sense of tradition to this look, harkening back to the olden days when Aran Island fishermen would wear such sweaters while completing their daily work. 
■ A thick, cowl-neck collar adds a contemporary element to this gorgeous piece and is perfect for burrowing into it when wearing it out and about on cold winter days. 
■ This stunning Aran knit sweater comes in a classic cream color. This natural, versatile hue is perfect for pairing with an outfit of any style or color scheme. 
■ This piece is available in a broad range of sizes, from small to double extra-large, making it easy to purchase a variant to fit an Ireland-lover of any body type!



If you’ve got a special place in your heart reserved just for the history and heritage of Emerald Isle fashion, you’re guaranteed to fall in love with this Ladies Roll Neck Aran Sweater every bit as quickly as we did! An essential winter layer that also lends itself beautifully to styling with spring, fall, and even summer ensembles, this piece is as snug and cozy as it gets, while also possessing plenty of sleek, contemporary design choices to help you always maintain your status as the top of the fashion food chain!

This Ar
an roll-neck sweater is made entirely from the softest, most high-quality Irish merino wool available. Soft and thick, it’s a pure luxury to the touch and is also extremely sturdy and durable, able to withstand the test of time (as well as daily wear-and-tear) without stretching, fading, or losing its gorgeously plush texture. Brilliantly, this fabric is a natural and organic fiber, making it non-irritating for even the most sensitive of skin types, drastically reducing the chances of redness or heat rash. Itchy, scratchy sweater syndrome? Not here!

Meticulously designed and created by a team of top Irish artisans at the West End Knitwear Irish apparel company, this piece meets the incredibly high-quality standards of an authentic Aran knit sweater in every way imaginable. Beautifully evoked are several variations of the traditional Aran stitching patterns that have lent such garments their special Irish charm for well over a century: these include the cable stitch and the honeycomb stitch. The cable stitch takes its name and appearance from the woven ropes once used by the Aran Island fishermen, who worked many long, hard hours each day on the waters of the Atlantic Ocean in order to make a living for their families. The pattern was created as a symbol of hard work and good luck and was thought to contribute to the wearer’s likelihood of returning home safely at the end of the day. The honeycomb stitch is thought to resemble an aerial view of the many bountiful fields of the Aran Islands, and as such, is said to symbolize prosperity.

One of the standout features on this gorgeous Irish fisherman sweater is its generously-sized roll neck, which is as flattering as it is warm, soft, and comfortable. Its chunky formation brings a new sense of contemporary life to a piece that’s otherwise rooted in tradition, charmingly marrying old-world grace with modern-day flair.

Coming in a broad range of sizes, including Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large, this piece can easily be bought to flatter any body type or lifestyle, and its color, a universally-appealing natural Aran cream, is sure to complement any and all items in your wardrobe that you’d think to pair with it. Alternatively, know that this ladies' wool  sweater makes a fabulous gift for any woman in your life with a connection to (or simply a deep and abiding love for) the wonderful Emerald Isle! Surprise her with this lovely piece as a gift for Christmas, a birthday, or even “just because.” There’s no denying that the history and beauty of this piece -- as well as your major creativity and thoughtfulness -- will stay with her for many years into the future. So, what are you waiting for? Add this piece to your cart, and treat yourself or a loved one today.