Cable Knit Aran Sweater Vest

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■ Knit with 100% Merino wool, a luxuriously soft, warm, and durable natural material 
■ The design incorporates the cable Aran stitching, which symbolizes strength and unity
■ Features a stylish oversized design with an elegant V-neck that enables various layering options
■ Made in Ireland by SAOL, a contemporary manufacturer of traditional Irish knitwear
■ We recommend hand washing at low temperatures, then air drying on a flat surface


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If you want to keep yourself warm and stylish this season, our lovely Cable Knit Aran Sweater Vest should not be missing from your wardrobe. Our vest is made of 100% Merino Wool, making it a stylish and comfy garment. Merino wool is also known for being incredibly soft, breathable, lightweight, and durable. Besides, this stylish vest combines traditional Aran textures with contemporary fashion elements. It features the cable stitch, an authentic Aran stitching pattern meant to evoke the ropes used by Irish fishermen who were sailing the Atlantic. These ropes symbolized the fishermen’s wish for safety, good luck, as well as unity. On the other hand, the oversized design and the trendy V-neck offer a modern touch and versatility to the design. Thanks to the V-neck, you have multiple layering options, which makes this vest an amazingly versatile piece!