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Supersoft Aran Wool Lumber Jacket Cardigan Sweater


■ The perfect addition to any wardrobe in need of a cozy, hardy sweater that is perfect for dressing up or down.
■ Each Aran Wool Lumber Jacket Cardigan is made from 100% new Merino wool sourced from the finest Irish wool farms

■ Our Lumber Jacket Cardigan includes a very unique combination of Aran-style stitching, including basket, cable, and honeycomb patterns in one garment

■ A heavy ribbed collar and seven large brown buttons will make sure you stay bundled up nice and warm on cold windy days or evenings

■ Each Aran Wool Lumber Jacket Cardigan is made from 100% new Merino wool sourced from the finest Irish wool farms.


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For lovers of classic Irish style, our Supersoft Aran Wool Lumber Jacket Cardigan is a must-have for the fall and winter seasons. Manufactured from 100% new Merino wool and woven in the same tradition as the classic Aran sweaters of the late 19th century, this Aran wool cardigan will hold up to the icy temperatures and ocean winds that Irish fishermen and their families have faced for generations, and they would be just as proud to wear these as the same garments knitted by hand around the family hearth. Our supersoft Aran cardigan features an assortment of Aran-style weaves and Aran stitches: the basket, which is said to increase the chance of a good fish harvest; the cable pattern, which represents the fishermen’s ropes and keeps them safe; and the honeycomb, which symbolizes the tenacious, industrious nature of the honeybee.

The cardigan also includes seven large, brown football buttons lining the heavy ribbed placket, adding a more traditional look as well as a level of depth and character that is unique when compared to our other Aran sweater offerings. Additionally, the heavy ribbed trim along the cuffs, hem, and crew-neck collar add an extra level of comfort, warmth, and durability to this cardigan that are sure to make it a favorite for those in want of a new standby sweater. The casual yet sophisticated look of the supersoft cardigan makes it timeless and versatile, and it will feel familiar and comfortable like an old favorite from the moment you first put it on. Although style was not necessarily the primary objective of the fishermen’s wives who knitted the first Aran sweaters in the 1890s, their hard work and determination to keep their husbands dry, safe, and comfortable on their perilous fishing expeditions around Ireland’s Atlantic coast. Nevertheless, the Aran sweater became one of the country’s most important contributions to the fashion world, and not just in terms of utility.

The sweater was soon worn by the whole family, not just the fishermen, and as popularity increased throughout the early 20th century, other styles and iterations of the sweater soon followed and found their way to the U.S. by the 1940s, where celebrities such as Grace Kelly helped increase its popularity even more. Today, we are proud to offer a large variety of Aran sweaters that steadfastly honor the tradition of the original make and model, and the Supersoft Wool Lumber Jacket is no exception. In fact, since launching this product, it has become one of our more sought-after Aran sweaters, desired for its versatile looks, unparalleled comfort, and unique ruggedness that is so important to professional women and homemakers alike.

Currently, the cardigan is offered in Classic Aran white, a traditional color that will become the focal point for any outfit you like, whether it be at the office, around the house, or day out with friends. It is difficult to combine the perfect level of comfort and style, but the Supersoft Wool Lumber Jacket accomplishes this with ease, and we could not be more excited to offer this to our customers longing for their own unique piece of Irish tradition and quality that will be treasured for years to come.