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Chunky Irish Cable Irish Knit Hoody


■ Our enviable Chunky Long Irish Cable Hoody is available in Natural White, Soft Grey, and Navy, making it perfect for any occasion
■ The jacket is a product of 100% Merino wool that is super-soft and cozy, and the smooth texture provides comfort and warmth

■ The sweater uses the Traditional Aran patterns that give it a connection to the Irish origins, making it unique and classic

■ The full zip with Trinity Knot Zip Pull is both practical and stylish and can be easily adjusted depending on the weather


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A mixture of elegance, class, and creativity is what defines the perfect outfit anyone would love to try out. There are a variety of outfits that defines perfection, all specifically designed for a particular occasion or event, suiting the existing weather conditions, whether cold or hot. Some of the most creatively designed outfits are the winter wears, tailored for the cold, chilly season.

Of particular interest are the feminine garments meant for the cold season, which are designed to stand out. Check out our stunning, cute, and beautiful Chunky Long Irish Cable Hoody which is designed with comfort and tradition in mind. Our gorgeous sweater is the perfect piece to wear all day outside in cold weather, and also inside at the end of the day by a cozy fire.

The sleek hoody is a combination of many outstanding features that come together, resulting in this marvelous masterpiece. Consider adding this beautiful piece to your winter collection, and you won’t go wrong no matter the occasion, whether casual and evening look. The design and style The craftsmanship that has gone into the production of this piece is outstanding. The specifics in the finer little details have been taken into consideration, with the result one of the cutest, most beautiful, feminine winter wears you will ever come across. The coat’s length is both practical and a creative way that is both stylish and guarantees super-warmth, keeping you warm throughout. The full zip with a Trinity Knot zip pull is fabulous for layering up or down with the changing weather, adjustable to keep you comfortable and warm.

The high collar and hook keep the neck and the head extra insulated away from the slithering cold. The inclusion of the sleek insert pockets with ribbed trim add a fresh style while insulating the hands and keeping you warm. The superb hood adds a powerful effect to a traditional sweater while keeping the head warm. Aran patterns The design of the sweater uses the traditional Aran stitching that is unique and exquisite.

The Aran patterns originate from Ireland and have been in use for over a century now. The intricate Aran models have global recognition and presence and are easily identifiable by their outstanding styles and design. The Aran patterns are designed for comfort and to provide the ultimate warmth. The inclusion of the Aran patterns gives this marvelous piece a link to the rich and vast Irish traditions and cultures, giving it an authentic and unique origin. The sweater uses Aran stitches that include Basket, Cable, and Zigzag designs.