Aran Woollen Mills

Ladies Merino Long Cardigan with Hood

$119.90 - $159.90

■ Our Ladies Long Merino Cardigan with Hood is knit in Ireland from 100% super-soft Merino wool, with a smooth texture that gives you comfort and keeps you warm
■ The button front and side pockets give the sweater an outstanding, unique and authentic look that is stylish and classic
■ Our cardigan features a combination of Aran knit styles like cables and diamonds, giving it a deep Irish cultural and traditional connection, unique and authentic.
■ A large hood can be worn up or down and is a beautiful style



Our gorgeous, warm, and stylish Ladies Long Merino Cardigan with Hood comes from 100% super-cool, super-soft Merino wool. The Merino wool gives the cardigan a smooth texture on touch, giving you luxurious comfort and warmth from the cold. The hood provides an extra option for warmth as well as a beautiful style choice, while the front pockets are perfect for travel, or just for keeping hands warm. Oversized sleeves accent the arms while giving a bit of extra mobility and comfort. These details really take our relaxed cardigan to the next level.

Our beautiful piece celebrates and appreciates the rich Irish traditions and cultures, by incorporating the use of Aran patterns that are a pride of Ireland. The Aran stitching and designs have been in use for over a century now, defining and eclipsing any other models in the garments industry in Ireland.

So popular are the patterns that they have currently recognized the world over, for their uniqueness and originality. The Aran patterns, first used to intricately stitch together Irish fishermen’s garments in the early ages have stayed around, revolutionizing the clothing industry globally. The designs were purposefully used to keep the fishermen's garments waterproof and warm during their fishing escapades that would last days or even months in the open waters. The concept of keeping clothes warm by using the Aran patterns have been incorporated in our beautiful outstanding cardigan. The piece features a lovely mix of Aran Cable stitch variations paired with honeycomb patterns, intricately knitted together to bring out the gorgeous cardigan giving it an elegant look!

The Aran cardigan can also serve as the perfect gift to your loved ones, to show them that you care and think about them. A fantastic gift that will not go unappreciated! The sweater, created with superior craftsmanship, is engineered to last a lifetime!

Hand wash only in lukewarm water using mild detergent. Lay flat to dry.