Ladies Classic Fit Long Cardigan with Hood

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■ Comes from 100% super-soft Merino wool, with a smooth texture that guarantees comfort and keeps the cold at bay
■ Combines the Cable and Honeycomb Aran patterns, giving the jacket a unique and authentic connection to the Irish traditions and culture

■ The stunning hood and deep pockets are fashioned for style and class, helping you stand out and stay warm throughout

■ The open front is regal and elegant, with an oversized lapel to add a beautiful depth to the jacket


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Ladies love to stand out and look their best, no matter the weather or season. The aim is always to stay stylish, cute, and trendy. The cold season brings with it the challenge of finding an outfit that is both classy, comfortable, and able to keep the chilling cold at bay. One of the most outstanding, trendy and comfortable winters wears is our Hooded Celtic Wool Jacket. Lovely and luxurious, our stylish classic jacket will flatter anyone. Our Hooded Celtic Wool Jacket will be a perfect gift to your loved ones or the best new outfit for your winter-wear. Design and style Our cute, feminine, gorgeous coat should be on top of your wish list during the cold season.

Finely crafted, every little detail of our beautiful Hooded Celtic Wool Jacket spells of perfects. The jacket is made up from 100% super-soft Irish Merino wool, giving it a fine texture, warmth, and comfort. The most outstanding and identifiable feature of our great jacket is the stunning hood, which is both practical and stylish, ensuring that you cover your head, neck, and shoulders to stay warm. The deep-set patch front pockets guarantee you triple warmth! Aran Patterns Our cool jacket embraces the deep Celtic and Irish roots, incorporating the age-old design and patterns-Aran stitching. The Aran patterns have been a part of the Irish garments for over a century.

The models were first used to design fishermen's garments to keep them warm during their fishing voyages. The first garments that incorporated the Aran patterns were water resistant, as a result of the intricate craftsmanship that went into their design. The Aran stitching patterns are the pride of Ireland and as a celebration of the country’s rich traditions and culture. You can find the Aran designs in clothing spread all over the world, known from their unique, original, and intricate designs. Our gorgeous jacket combines two intricate Aran patterns in its design- Cable and Honeycomb pattern knits, giving it an authentic Aran Islands style. The stitching adds texture and dimension to our plush jacket, giving you comfort and warmth as you step out in style.