Ladies Hooded Zipper Cardigan

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Now: $89.90

■ Our amazing Plaited Cable Zipper Cardigan is the perfect choice for someone looking for their own unique piece of handmade Irish fashion.
■ The classic Aran knitting patterns add a special layer of history, style, and texture to this amazing, ultra-cozy cardigan.
■ 100% Merino wool means this cardigan will serve you well for decades to come. Nothing can beat its comfort and longevity.
■ A beautiful oversized hood accents the back and can be worn up or down depending on the weather



If you’re looking for an authentically Irish way to warm up, look no further than our Plaited Cable Zipper Cardigan. This gorgeous super soft cardigan has a thick collar and deep pockets for maximum heat retention, and also has a unique accent of a Celtic Trinity Knot on the zipper. The classic Aran knitting pattern featured on our cardigan are rich in history and add an extra layer of depth, in terms of cultural significance and comfort, to this already-perfect garment that we know you’ll fall in love with. The super plush, rich Merino wool is 100% pure and sourced entirely from the Emerald Isle itself. Absolutely everything about this cardigan just screams pure coziness! 

For generations, the Aran stitch has served the Irish people living on the island’s blustery coasts. Wives determined to keep their husbands safe and warm when out at sea have slowly perfected the Aran stitch over the course of many decades, many of whom developed their own unique versions of the pattern and tying it to their unique family or clan name. The method of mimicking the stich became a closely guarded secret, passed down only to those trusted enough to carry on the family tradition. At its core, the Aran stitch is tightly woven and designed around equal parts comfort and durability. The icy Atlantic winds are no match to a competently-woven Aran stitch, and it was not long before the popularity of the design became prolific throughout Ireland. Today we are fortunate enough to enjoy the same level of care and attention put into each Aran-inspired garment, and our Plaited Cable Zipper Cardigan is no exception. While the methods of its manufacture may have become somewhat modernized, these pieces are still handmade and no two items are identical. The same traditions and principles of the Aran stitch that went into those sweaters of old live within this same cardigan, and you will feel it the moment you take it out of the box and throw it over your shoulders.

Of course, no Irish cardigan would be quite Irish enough without the 100% pure Merino wool. Treasured by Irish garment makers for many years, Irish wool, and especially Merino wool, has long been prized for its incredible softness, strength, and versatility. Sheared from Irish flocks roaming the emerald hillsides, Merino wool is one of the most widely used and popular materials used in the Irish fashion industry today. The fibers of the Merino wool are reactive to the temperature of the wearer and the air around them, meaning the fibers tighten and contract in colder temperatures, and loosen and cool in warmer temperatures. This adds more versatility to the garment itself, and will keep the wearer more comfortable in a variety of climates and situations. When we said you’d fall in love with our cardigan, we really mean it!