Ladies Herringbone Wool Coat

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■ The tailored waist and color blocking create an effortlessly feminine elegance
■ A graceful snap front closure makes this coat easy to put on and off and the stand-up collar will keep you extra warm when buttoned up
■ Knit from soft and luxurious merino wool and acrylic blend that will keep you warm all season long
■ The herringbone pattern below the waist with a solid color at the top creates a beautiful form.
■ Made by Saol, one of the leading contemporary Irish knitwear manufacturers


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This beautiful contemporary Ladies Herringbone Wool Coat from Saol is an elegant and refined alternative to a traditional winter coat. The color blocking and herringbone pattern below the tailored waist give this coat effortless femininity that can be worn for any occasion and layered with your favorite blouse or even over another wool sweater.

The coat is tightly knit from super soft and durable merino wool and acrylic blend, giving it just the right amount of luxury and texture. The high collar can be worn up or down as the weather dictates, or to show off your layers underneath. A snap front closure allows it to be donned and doffed with ease. Saol is one of the leading manufacturers of contemporary Irish knitwear.

Inspired by the traditional Irish fishermen’s sweaters first created over a century ago on the remote Aran Islands off Ireland’s west coast, Saol carries on the tradition of fine craftsmanship, intricate detail, and durable materials to create dramatic and lasting knitwear for women and men.