Ladies Herringbone Cape

Was: $82.90
Now: $66.32

■ Knit from 100% Merino wool, a premium material that boasts breathability and excellent heat insulation properties, ensuring warmth and coziness in any weather
■ Irish design: the classic and elegant herringbone pattern gives this cape a luxurious texture and adds it a touch of sophistication 
■ This Irish cape features a unique asymmetric folded collar, complemented by a 3 football buttons closure, and a navy-colored margin 
■ Our women's cape boasts quality craftsmanship and style, making it a practical and versatile gift for anyone appreciating Irish fashion



If you like to wear knitwear but you already got bored of your old sweaters and cardigans, here's a nice garment to upgrade your style! This ladies herringbone poncho is going to be your go-to chic garment in the fall and winter. Its loose, yet nicely tapered look makes this poncho cape flattering to any shape. This loose shape also makes it breathable and comfortable to wear. The design features a lovely asymmetric folded collar, beautifully accentuated by three brown buttons and by a rich navy-colored margin. The poncho is made from a Merino wool blend which is soft, durable and which will keep you warm and cozy during fall and winter days! Keep yourself warm in the cold days with this refined wool poncho!