Fisherman Knit Poncho

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■ This lovely poncho for ladies is made from 100% Irish merino sheep’s wool. It’s as soft and cozy as it is durable!
■ This piece showcases the most traditional stitching patterns of Ireland’s Aran Islands.
■ Make this gorgeous piece a special treat for yourself, or pick it up as a gift for any lucky friend, family member, or even an Ireland-loving coworker!



For hundreds upon hundreds of years, the stunning knitwork of Ireland’s Aran Islands has enchanted the world of fashion, both in the Emerald Isle and far beyond. Now, you can enjoy this hallmark element of Irish style with this real Aran knit wool cape! Perfect for draping over a light mid-season outfit to keep out the cold or cuddling up with as part of a chill-proof ensemble in the lighter months, this is one piece that you’ll find yourself reaching for again and again in your wardrobe, all year long!

This Aran knit poncho makes beautiful use of several of the most classic Aran Island stitching patterns, many of which were developed centuries ago with a specific symbolic meaning for the islanders to interpret. The cable stitch, for example, was originally created to echo the appearance of the thick, sturdy ropes used by the Aran Island fishermen while they worked at sea, and were considered to be symbols of protection and good luck to help them come home safely. The moss stitch, also seen here, is sometimes referred to as the filler stitch and evokes the appearance of the carrageen moss and seaweed seen around the islands. These materials are known for their powerful fertilization properties, and are hence viewed as symbols of prosperity and plenty. Finally, this poncho beautifully showcases the zigzag stitch, specifically designed to represent the wild ups and downs that love and life can bring. For anyone with a taste for pieces that connect them to the rich history and cultural heritage of Ireland, a meaning-infused garment like this is a must-have.


Like most Aran knit pieces, this gorgeous women’s poncho is made entirely from 100% pure Irish merino sheep’s wool, making it a fantastic choice for wear in any season. Heavy enough to keep you warm and cozy during the winter months, it’s also soft and breathable, perfect for allowing air to circulate when the sun’s rays are blazing. This material is also entirely natural and organic, and is an excellent fabric of choice for anyone with sensitive skin prone to irritation or redness. It’s a piece you can wear all day, every day -- and we can guarantee that as soon as you set eyes on it, that’s just what you’ll want to do. As a garment, the wool poncho is a timeless addition to any outfit that needs an extra dose of elegance and sophistication. With a modern diagonal cut, this piece is appropriate for a woman or girl of any age, fashion taste, or lifestyle.

Buy this gorgeous Fisherman Aran Knit Poncho as a treat for yourself, or make it a thoughtful and creative gift for any Ireland-loving woman in your life, be she a member of your family, dear friend, or even treasured coworker. Whether you surprise her with this beautiful piece for Christmas, a birthday, or even “just because,” she’s sure to never forget the moment she unwraps it. Watch how quickly it becomes a routine go-to staple in her all-season closet; she’s guaranteed to be thanking you for years upon years to come! So, don’t hesitate: add this phenomenal ladies poncho to your cart today!