Ladies Ribbed Cable Knit Sweater

Was: $89.90
Now: $74.90

■ Knit from 100% merino wool, a fine wool yarn that ensures warmth and long-lasting comfort 
■ The design features a variety of Aran stitches, such as the cable, honeycomb, and diamond 
■ The short sleeves and the cozy round neck ensure a stylish and flattering silhouette 
■ We recommend handwashing the sweater in cold water with mild detergent and dry on a flat surface


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Upgrade your cold-weather wardrobe with this gorgeous sweater. The sweater is the perfect combination of functionality and style. It is knit from 100% merino wool, an excellent type of wool yarn that is breathable, warm, and exceptionally soft.

It preserves the authentic Aran style by incorporating traditional Aran stitches such as the cable, honeycomb, and diamond. The cable represents the fishermen’s desire for safety at sea and hope for a good catch. The honeycomb symbolizes hard work, and the diamond symbolizes wealth and prosperity.

The sweater also has a sleek design with short sleeves and an elegant round neck. It’s a versatile look perfect for both casual and more formal occasions.