Ladies Knit Zip Neck Wool Sweater

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■ This charming Irish sweater is finely knit of 100% Merino wool, a highly breathable, soft, and durable material 
■ The design features traditional Aran stitches such as cable and moss patterns, combining authenticity with texture 
■ The sweater has a half-zipper turtleneck design that includes a Celtic Trinity Knot zip for added cultural detailing 
■ For the best results, we recommend hand washing this Merino piece in cold water and air dry on a flat surface 


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Do not let the harsh weather influence your unique style! Our Merino Irish sweater is here to keep you warm and stylish when temperatures start to drop. Knitted 100% fine merino wool, this sweater is soft, breathable, and highly durable - the perfect combination to achieve long-lasting comfort. Merino wool has great moisture resistance and heat-insulating properties, making this sweater a great choice to wear all year round - it will keep you warm and cozy during those windy, chilly days, and dry and cool on hot summer days. It features a half-zipper turtleneck design that is adjustable, providing extra coziness and movement.
What makes this knit sweater even better is its culturally-inspired design - it features beautifully textured Aran cable and moss stitches that have unique meanings and stories behind them. Aran stitches were traditionally knit on various pieces by the wives of the islanders as a wish of good fortune at sea. Cable stitches resemble the ropes used by the brave Irish fishermen and symbolize strength and unity as they had to remain strong in order to safely reunite with their families. The moss stitch is an ode to the wild, natural beauties of the islands, mirroring the vividly colored carrageen moss that covers the stones. The zipper is finished with a Celtic Trinity Knot design for added cultural significance. The Trinity Knot is a widely known symbol of the Christian Holy Trinity, as well as the three stages of life, the three natural elements, and so on.
This sweater will make a considerate gift due to its great levels of comfort and touching meanings behind the design.
For the best results, hand wash this Merino sweater in cold water and let it naturally dry on a flat surface.