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Ladies Knit Funnel Neck Supersoft Wool Sweater

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■ Made from 100% Merino wool, this Irish sweater is the epitome of comfort, sure to see you through a variety of situations--whether you’re having a walk in the park or a day at the office.  
■ Available in sizes XS through XXL, so you can find the right level of comfort at any size.

■ Natural colors accentuate the timelessness of the sweater’s natural fibers. Available in Green, Natural, and Grey

■ The hem runs a little longer than your average sweater, so this piece is perfect to wear with fitted pants, leggings, or slacks. Dress it up for a day at the office or an evening out, dress it down for a casual afternoon--the choice is up to you!  

■ Aran cable stitching provides a unique design of interlaced, twisted ropes crafted from 100% soft Merino wool, highlighting the high level of craftsmanship in the carefully knitted patterns.  



If you’re looking for a fun, unique piece to complete your fall and winter wardrobe, then our Supersoft  Ladies Knit Funnel Neck Wool Sweater is just the ticket. With distinctly Irish fashion, cozy wool, and special details, this sweater is the perfect addition to your collection.

This gorgeous Irish sweater is crafted from 100% merino wool, an all-natural fiber that offers cozy comfort. Merino wool is actually one of the gold standards when it comes to clothing textiles--not only because the wool is ultra-strong, but because it is also super soft. The long fibers of the wool give it more flexibility than other types of wool, which allows the yarn to flex and move easily with your body. Rather than poking the skin and creating the notorious itchy sensation that many people associate with wool, merino has distinct qualities that make it the most comfortable choice in all manner of settings.

Aran stitching is a uniquely Irish art form, born in the Aran Islands at the mouth of Galway Bay. The different knitting stitches that form the different distinct patterns in the wool are inspired by generations of Aran fishermen, their families, and the history of their lives at sea. The cable stitch, for example, creates a pattern that looks very much like strands of rope twisted together, and that is exactly what the stitch was intended to represent. The cable stitch is intended to evoke the ropes that the fishermen used in their daily duties, and signifies a wish for a fruitful and bountiful day at sea. The patterns in this sweater feature the traditional cable stitch as well as playful variations on the cable stitch. Not only do these distinct stitches add a special Irish flavor to the piece, but they also add texture and dimension to the wool in a way that flatters a number of different shapes and sizes.

The funnel neck collar adds a fashionable and sophisticated detail that is sure to please. Funnel necklines are a little different from the traditional turtleneck collar you may be used to. While it is a high neckline, the collar is a little bit wider at the top than it is at the bottom, and those few millimeters of fabric can make a world of difference. The collar is able to keep you warm without crowding your neck or leaving you feeling stiff and rigid (a complaint that some have with turtlenecks). Not only does it allow you to move more freely, but the design of the collar frames the face in such a way that flatters all kinds of shapes. Rolled edges on the collar, cuffs, and hem lend a modern, sporty touch to this special sweater--it is a piece that can keep up with you while you’re on the move!