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Asymmetrical Irish Multi Cable Wool Cardigan


■ Crafted from 100% natural Supersoft Merino wool, this plaited trellis cardigan is highly durable and sustainable, offering warmth and breathability that makes it perfect for year-round wear.

■ The cardigan showcases intricate cable, trellis, and basket stitches that carry a rich story of Irish tradition and symbolism.

■ Its timeless wrap buttoned collar, a classic design that never goes out of style, is paired with a modern three-button half-closure detail

■ This Irish cardigan is proudly made in Ireland, reflecting a commitment to quality and supporting local craftsmanship.


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Wrap yourself in the embodiment of timeless Irish style and enduring quality with our Asymmetrical Irish Multi Cable Wool Cardigan. This exquisite piece is meticulously woven from 100% Supersoft Merino wool, a material renowned for its durability, sustainability, and remarkable ability to offer both warmth and breathability, due to the heat-insulating fibers of the yarn. The result is a cardigan that becomes your ideal companion throughout all seasons, whether you're facing a brisk autumn day or a chilly winter evening.

What truly sets this cardigan apart is the intricate cable,trellis and basket stitches that decorate its surface. Each twist and turn in the pattern carries a story of Irish tradition and history. The cables are inspired by the fishing nets of Irish fishermen, a symbol of their dedication, courage, and the interconnectedness of their communities. The combination of trellis and basket stitches evokes a sense of growth and abundance, with the trellis symbolizing the support and structure needed to flourish, while the basketweave represents the gathering of life's blessings, making it a cozy and meaningful garment to wear. By wearing this cardigan, you not only enjoy its aesthetic beauty but also become a part of this rich narrative, connecting with the resilience and spirit of generations past.

The cardigan features a classic wrap buttoned collar, a design that has never gone out of style, offering both elegance and warmth. To add a modern and unique touch, three buttons are strategically placed, offering various styling options and making this cardigan truly stand out in a crowd. Our cardigan is a blend of timeless design and contemporary flair that ensures you're always fashion-forward, no matter the occasion.

This authentic Irish plaited trellis cardigan proudly bears the mark "Made in Ireland." It signifies a commitment to quality and a support for local craftsmanship, a testament to the rich tradition of Irish wool production and knitting, making this piece a thoughtful addition to any wardrobe.