Cable Cowl Neck Poncho


■ Made from 100% Merino wool – a soft, durable, and moisture-wicking organic yarn

■ Traditional Aran stitching technique, providing breathability & optimal heat insulation

■ Richly textured Aran cable stitches, carrying blessings of good luck & protection

■ Versatile design with a chunky cowl neck, perfect for layering over other items



Elevate your style with our Cable Cowl Neck Poncho – a stunning piece that’s sure to become your new favorite. This poncho is made of 100% Merino wool, an organic yarn that is ethically sourced from Merino sheep, making both a high-quality and eco-conscious choice. Merino wool is a durable and naturally wrinkle-free yarn, ensuring this poncho will withstand the test of time in your wardrobe. Its great moisture-wicking properties make this poncho a great choice for any time of the year – whether you want to warm up on a cool summer evening or to wear it on the chilly fall & winter days. It is knitted using the age-old Aran stitching technique, drawing inspiration from the classic Aran knit sweaters. Aran sweaters were created to keep fishermen from the Aran Islands protected from the harsh conditions of the Atlantic Ocean. The stitches add a dual advantage of both breathability and heat insulation, guaranteeing optimal warmth and comfort in any weather. Moreover, it is believed that the stitches carry a deep symbolism and blessings for the wearer. The cable stitch is thought to resemble the fisherman’s ropes – and was knitted by local women as a genuine wish for their husbands’ safety and good luck during their sea ventures. The poncho shape is wonderful for layering over thinner sweaters or turtlenecks when the weather gets cold. The wide and chunky knit turtleneck adds a modern flair to this garment and will keep you warm when you need it most. It is a versatile & stylish piece that you can use to create multiple outfits – such as pairing with a floral skirt and a pair of vintage boots to achieve the cottage-core aesthetic that everyone loves. This cable poncho is designed and made in Ireland by SAOL, a leading Irish knitwear company that takes traditional Irish sweater designs and transforms them into contemporary pieces. Boasting excellent craftsmanship and an authentic, culturally-inspired design, this poncho also makes a great gift choice that is sure to leave a long lasting impression on any fashionista.