Merino Irish Poncho with Button Detail


■ Cowl neck poncho, in an asymmetrical design with side buttons detailing 
■ Finely knit from 100% Merino Wool, being heat preserving and moisture resistant 
■ Beautiful Aran stitch patterns, depicting a classic cable stitch in various dimensions 
■ Care Recommendations: please only hand wash in cold water



As it combines functionality with a very versatile style, our Merino Irish Poncho with Button Detail is sure to become your favorite pick for cold, windy days. With this piece, you can stay warm while also looking stylish and fashionable this winter! It is made from 100% fine Merino Wool, which is soft to the touch, having a pleasant texture on the skin. This type of wool lacks regular wool’s itchiness. It has heat preserving and moisture resisting properties, which makes it ideal for the colder months. Our poncho is the ideal piece for layering - the more layers you add, the warmer you’ll feel! Worn on its own, it can be a great piece for crisp spring or summer evenings as well, allowing breathability.
Each Aran stitch has its own unique meaning. This piece was made with a cable stitch, by far the most popular one, with origins in the 19th century. The cable resembles the nets and ropes of Irish fishermen, being a wish for good fortune and warding off bad luck. The design of our poncho combines this traditional element with a modern twist - its asymmetrical structure. Its cowl neck is a classic, which works perfectly in both casual and more formal styles. What’s special about our poncho is its versatility, as it can be combined with endless outfits and styled in a wide range of ways. The buttons detail on the side adds a note of sophistication and ties the look together.