Aran Woollen Mills

Traditional Buttoned Merino Wool Poncho for Women


■ Our Buttoned Merino Wool Poncho for Women is the perfect accent to any outfit, whether you are going out for a special date or just need something cozy for around the house.
■ Our special poncho features traditional Aran stitching, a hardy, yet elegant pattern utilized by Irish coastal communities for generations.

■ Made from 100% Supersoft Merino wool, this unique garment will last a lifetime and will easily become the most comfortable item in your closet.

■ As will all items sold at ShamrockGift, we are free three-day shipping for any order in the United States.



Beautifully simple and clean, our super soft Traditional Buttoned Merino Wool Poncho for Women is the perfect mix of versatility and elegance that can be worn all year round. Crafted from 100% pure, Supersoft Merino wool, our poncho features an elegant triangular silhouette that will flatter any shape or body type, and we are supremely confident you’ll never want to take this off from the moment you first wear it. Covering this poncho from top to bottom are intricate Aran cable patterns that give it graceful fluidity and refined texture, while at the same time paying tribute to the intrepid fishermen of the Aran Islands. Our wonderful cape exudes comfort, warmth, and style without sacrificing durability, making it an ideal fit for dressing up or down for any occasion in a variety of climates and seasons. If you’re looking for your next favorite garment, then look no further! Our Buttoned Irish Cape will be your new favorite companion as you go about your day, from morning to night, and from home to work and back again.

Giving this merino wool poncho an extra chic look is the subtle row of buttons lining the shoulder on one side, creating a polished, tailored effect that is perfect for layering with casual and formal ensembles. What’s more, the Aran stitching and cable patterns add an additional layer of authentic Irish-ness that is guaranteed to impress and turn heads wherever and however you wear it. For many generations, the Irish have stitched numerous variations of the classic Aran pattern specific to the man clans and families that live along the rocky coasts of the Emerald Isle. Since the stitch’s debut on the Aran Islands near Galway Bay, the Aran stitch has become an iconic symbol of the hardy Irish spirit and the hardworking people who rely on it to keep dry and warm when standing against the chilly Atlantic winds. Woven within the Aran stitching of our Buttoned Irish Cape are cable patterns that are meant to resemble the same ropes used on Irish fishing boats. In days of old, the rope pattern was believed to bring good and safety to the fishermen out at sea.

The Supersoft Merino wool used in our Buttoned Irish Cape is 100% sheared from the backs of grazing Irish sheep. This type of wool is prized for its incredible softness, as well as its reactive behavior to the air temperature around it. In cooler temps, the wool will contract around the wearer, trapping in extra heat and keeping you nice and snug. Conversely, in warmer environments, the wool will expand to allow greater airflow and ventilation. The comfort of Merino wool might best be described as the feeling you never got out of bed that morning, but the material is tough and hardy and will maintain its color excellently for many years.

There is really nothing more Irish than an Aran stitched, Supersoft Merino wool poncho and we are extremely proud to offer another premium-quality Irish-made garment that we know you will love. And as with everything sold at ShamrockGift, our Buttoned Irish Cape includes free three-day shipping anywhere in the United States. Customers who purchase their cape today will also receive a free Aran scarf as a special gift from us. It is just one way for us to say thank you for your business, and to thank you for being as excited about the quality, authentic Irish clothing as we are.