Lambswool Ladies Shawl


■ Lambswool Shawl - the perfect accessory for autumn and winter, comfortable and warm 
■ Versatile Drape Like Design: it can be worn in many different styles, from the classic style, to an asymmetrical look to a scarf 
■ Made of 100% Lambswool, a luxurious fabric that is ideal for cold weather due to its heat retaining properties 
■ Care Instructions: hand wash at 30 degrees, using wool approved detergent; do not string or stretch; dry flat 



Our Lambswool Ladies Shawl is the perfect combination of comfort with style and cannot be missed from your wardrobe this cold season!

The design was created to allow flexibility and versatility in style. Our shawl can be worn in so many different forms and combined in various outfits. You can either wear it as a classical shawl or try an asymmetrical look, or even wear it as a scarf. It has a drape-like body and comes in a one-size-fits-all. This makes it perfect for any body type and creates a delicate feminine look.

Our shawl is made of 100% Lambswool, the softest form of wool and a luxurious fabric that is in high demand. Lambswool is water-repellent, thus being the perfect fabric to be worn during the cold months of the year. This piece is very practical and guaranteed to keep you warm, while also allowing your skin to breathe, for all-day comfort.

In order to preserve and take proper care of this delicate piece, we recommend hand washing it at 30 degrees Celsius, only using wool-approved detergent. Avoid stringing and stretching. Dry flat.