Aran Woollen Mills

Ladies Snood Scarf with Wooden Buttons


■ The dimensions of our Snood Scarf with Buttons are 15” x 60”, and the garment is available in a range of colors. 
■ Solid oversized wooden buttons add a special finishing touch to this snood, giving it a smart, stylish look that complements any outfit. 
■ Each of our Snood Scarf with Buttons is made from 100% merino wool, one of the softest, most comfortable fabrics on earth! 
■ Carraig Donn has been one of Ireland’s most popular makers of authentic Irish knitwear since 1965 and enjoys recognition throughout the world.



Our passionate love affair with snoods always returns every year at the first hint of chilly weather, which is why we are especially excited to offer this amazing Snood Scarf with Buttons from Carraig Donn. This cool and practical hybrid scarf-hood is simply the best thing ever, and there are so many things to love about this wonderful garment.

Merino wool is one of the softest fabrics used in the manufacture of quality, authentic Irish garments, and Carraig Donn has taken this practice to a whole new level. Among Irish clothing manufacturers, there is no other material more sought after or beloved than this unbelievably soft wool. The fibers contract and expand as the temperatures change, either locking in extra body heat or expanding to allow more airflow, which means you will stay comfortable no matter where or when you choose to wear our wonderful Snood Scarf with Buttons.

Since 1965, Carraig Donn has stood as one of Ireland’s most popular and prolific makers of fine woolen goods, and today the company enjoys a level of popularity throughout the globe for its unparalleled quality and comfort that other companies can only dream of. Our Snood Scarf with Buttons is another item from Carraig Donn that is one of our absolute best sellers as the fall and winter seasons approach. There is nothing comparable in its over-sized, snuggly comfort and warmth, and no other garment that is equally stylish. These make wonderful finishing touches to any of your favorite cold weather outfits, and the quality and durability of merino wool ensures you’ll be able to enjoy this snood for many seasons to come.

And do not forget, all orders at ShamrockGift are eligible for 100% free shipping anywhere in the United States! Order yours just in time to enjoy that first winter snow, or order one for a special friend. Either way, anyone lucky enough to own one of these snoods will find a new best friend for their wardrobe, one they wished they had picked up years ago.