Aran Woollen Mills

Irish Cable Knit Scarf with Shamrocks


■ It's a product of 100% genuine merino wool from Ireland, which gives it an exquisite super soft texture, warmth, and durability
■ The unique Shamrock design featured in the scarf connects it to the vast cultural and religious Irish roots

■ The scarf comes in dimensions of 72 inches in length and 9 inches in width, convenient to completely cover yourself

■ The lovely scarf is a product of the prestigious and magnificent Carraig Donn Collection, one of Ireland’s household names

■ The design incorporates the unique, outstanding, and charming Aran cable stitching that gives the scarf warmth and a magnificent look



The winter season always brings with it challenges when it comes to fashion and keeping it trendy. Ladies love to stand out irrespective of the weather and the occasion. There are several outlets and design outfits that have, over time, created a name for themselves as the ultimate to-go-to household in terms of winterwear. Ladies winter outfits need to be striking, stunning, and gorgeous in design and style for them to stand out. Any lady looking to bring some Irish flair to their winter wear should consider the fabulous Irish Merino Wool Cable Scarf with Shamrocks.
Scarfs are the perfect accessory to enhance your look, stay classy, and rock it on that chilly day, convenient for both indoors and outdoors outings. A scarf is a simple outfit that when wrapped around the neck, will keep your chest and neck area warm throughout. Our marvelous Cable Knit Scarf with Shamrocks is beautiful and stands out, and will be a perfect addition to your winter collection. Our lovely scarf can also serve as a beautiful gift to that lady friend or family member during the chilly winter season.

The beautiful scarf comes in a fantastic and lavish design that is unique and smart. The Irish Cable Knit Scarf with Shamrock is a product of the prestigious and one of Ireland’s most exceptional product company's- Carraig Donn. Carraig Donn is renowned not only in Ireland but across the globe for the production of exquisite, unique and bubbly winter wears. The firm embraces the use of lovely and exotic centuries-old Aran patterns. Cascading down the length of the scarf are marvelous Aran Cable patterns in a luxurious knit that is full of striking texture and depth. The majestic Aran stitch patterns each have a special meaning, with the cable design representing hopes of fruitful catches for the fishermen of the Aran Islands in Ireland.

The scarf is a product of 100% merino wool, giving it the smoothest and warmest texture that you will love. The genuine merino wool from Ireland is a quality material that provides excellent insulation from the cold, breathability for comfort, and strength for durability.
At the borders of the scarf in a ribbed knit are green shamrocks that show off the flower's three signature heart-shaped petals. The Shamrock is an iconic symbol in Ireland and is regarded as the national flower. The lovely flower has a lot of significance, both culturally and religiously. The Shamrock symbolizes good fortune and is considered as Irish pride.