Aran Woollen Mills

Button Pocket Aran Scarf


■ Meticulously made from 100% Soft Merino Wool, a material known for helping regulate body temperature, keeping you warm in colder weather and cool in hotter seasons, and providing great comfort. 
■ Designed with traditional Aran patterns arranged in intertwining rows of cable and honeycomb stitches that symbolize good fortune, dating back to the fishermen of Ireland’s Aran island. 
■ Features deep pockets with gorgeous wooden buttons, that offer an extra touch of sophistication while allowing you to easily store everyday use items.
■ Measuring 64 inches in length and 9 inches in width, our Irish scarf is the perfect size for layering.
■ We recommend hand washing this elegant scarf in cold water and drying it flat afterward. 


Even on the most frigid of winter days, you don’t have to sacrifice style for warmth with this Super Soft Merino Button Pocket Scarf. Measuring 64 inches long and 9 inches wide, this Irish scarf is exceptionally generous in size and will warmly envelop you in 100% rich Merino wool. Worn so that it wraps behind the neck and the arms hang down the front on each side, the scarf boasts bold yet distinguished vertical Aran cable patterns. At the bottom on each side are brown-buttoned deep pockets that can hold a phone, wallet, or keys.