Men's Merino Wool Irish Cable Knit V-Neck Cardigan



■ This cardigan is made of 100% soft Merino Wool, a natural, soft, and warm material made from Merino sheep. 

■ This Irish Cardigan features traditional Aran stitching like the Moss and Cable Stitch, one of the most well-known patterns used in Aran knitwear. 

■ The cardigan also includes striking design elements such as a V-neckline, ribbed cuffs, and hem for extra practicality and style. 

■ Features sturdy football buttons and front pockets that are stylish and functional, for added comfort and convenience. 



Take winter by storm with the help of this handsome Men's Merino Wool Irish Cable Knit Cardigan, made from 100% pure merino wool and guaranteed to be your new greatest ally in keeping out the chill! Made using stitching techniques originating on the world-famous Aran Islands of Ireland, it echoes the traditional garments worn by the islands’ fishermen when departing their shoes in search of a hefty catch. The Irish knit cardigan features the distinctive Aran Island honeycomb stitch (considered by many to be a bringer of great luck) and the Aran trellis stitch, the shape of which is said to represent the stone field walls of the Aran Islands.

In fact, it was originally sewn into the sweaters of the above-mentioned local fisherman as a kind of protective charm, in hopes that every time they set out in their boats to battle the waves of the Atlantic Ocean, they would return afterward to their families safe and sound. Wrap yourself up snugly in this fine piece of traditional Irish craftsmanship, and we’re sure you’ll feel as protected against the elements as the mighty fishermen of the Aran Islands once did!