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Men's Aran Cardigan Vest


■ 100% Merino Wool
■ Front Pockets 
■ Striking Buttons
■ Available in 5 Colors 
■ V-neck



This v-neck wool waistcoat is a fantastic twist on the typical long-sleeved Aran knit sweater, enabling the wearer to adapt layers worn over and under the garment to make it shine at any time of year. Its features include a row of striking brown leather-look buttons, a pair of handy front pockets, and a classic example of the Aran honeycomb stitch design, which, in the folklore of Ireland’s Aran Islands, was considered to be a lucky stitch, signifying abundance, fulfilment, and a plentiful catch for the islands’ many fishermen.

Made from 100% pure merino wool, this waistcoat is soft as they come. As a natural fiber, wool will rarely stretch or fall out of shape, and, in the wintertime, its insulation power is the best weapon one can have in their arsenal against the cold! On the flip side, wool’s sweat-wicking abilities render it a shockingly beneficial fabric to fight off the summer heat, proving that thanks to its high-quality material and trendy, distinctive cut, this really is a garment for all seasons.

Pick one up for yourself today, or treat a friend or family member to a pleasant surprise. They’re guaranteed to thank you!