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Men's Irish Aran Shawl Neck Cardigan


■ Made of high quality 100% merino wool this Irish cardigan promises durability, warmth, and long lasting comfort 
■ Traditional Aran cable, honeycomb, rope and moss stitching patterns that add a sense of cultural identity
■ Functional and chic wooden buttons that provide movement and flexibility 
■ We recommend you hand wash this cardigan and dry it flat on a horizontal surface for long term maintenance



Make your outfit stand out this season with our charming Irish cardigan. This piece is knitted from the finest 100% merino wool, providing sturdy, comfortable, and warm wear. Our merino cardigan is highly breathable and odor and water-resistant, making it suitable even for the hot seasons. Apart from its unmatched softness, this knitted cardigan also features unique Aran stitching patterns that are popular for their intriguing textures and meanings. These designs originate from the early 20th century and were incorporated into various pieces of knitwear by the locals of the Aran Islands, symbolizing moments of their daily life. For instance, the cable stitch that is included in our cardigan’s design mirrors the ropes used by the Irish fishermen and suggests strength and steadiness, as they had to remain strong in order to safely return to their families. The honeycomb texture is an ode to the bee industry that operated on the Islands and represents the idea of sweet rewards that come after hard work. The moss stitch resembles the bright green carrageen moss that covers the Islands' stones.

Our stunning Irish cardigan features functional and stylish football wooden buttons and a flattering, warm shawl neck design. For the best results, we recommend hand washing this merino piece in cold water and drying it on a flat surface. Prepare yourself for a new journey like your brave ancestors by wearing a piece of Irish culture.