Men's Half Zip Troyer Sweater

Was: $139.90
Now: $112.90

■ Comes from 100% Merino Wool, both warm and comfortable feel to keep the winter cold away 
■ The lovely sweater is a product of the great Irish garment manufacturing company, SAOL 
■ The sweater features elaborate and amazingly crafted basket and blackberry stitches, giving it an authentic and unique look and warm feel 
■ The design and style of the lovely sweater features a Half-Zipper, a practical and unique feature, allowing you to adjust the sweater in response to the prevailing cold 
■ Hand wash it with cold water and mild detergent and dry it on a flat surface for the best results



The cold, chilly winter season presents the perfect chance to rock that comfortable, warm, and stylish look. There are a variety of garment designs, styles, and products suitable for the challenges presented by the slithering biting cold of winter. For a guy looking for the perfect, presentable, comfortable, and warm winter wear, our lovely Men's Half Zip Troyer Sweater is the ultimate ideal choice.
This merino piece is authentically made in Ireland by SAOL, a leading knitwear manufacturer and features traditional Aran stitches such as basket and blackberry. The basket represents a wish for good fortune and a big catch, and blackberry symbolizes nature in all its wonderfulness. The stitching trends have been in existence for centuries, and all through have maintained their authentic touch and gorgeous, warm look. The appealing texture of the sweater and the fact that it features authentic Irish patterns endears it to many lovers of art and originality.
If you have been looking for the best item to gift your friend, then our Men's Half Zip Troyer Sweater is the perfect gift for him. For those looking to spice up their look, especially during the winter season, our sweater is the ultimate addition to your wardrobe.