Patchwork SuperSoft Merino Wool Knit Throw 42" x 64"


■ Our Patchwork SuperSoft Merino Wool Knit Throw measures 42 by 64 inches, making it the perfect size to drape over the sofa or add texture to your bedroom.
■ The intricate knit patterns—the cable stitch, honeycomb, diamonds, and trellises—are a tribute to traditional Irish sweaters from the Aran Islands.
■ The lovely natural color makes our throw an elegant addition to any room and every color scheme.
■ This 100% Merino wool throw is incredibly soft and is made in Ireland by Saol. We suggest caring for your throw by handwashing it in lukewarm water with gentle detergent.



Decorate your home with a lovely touch of Ireland with our Patchwork SuperSoft Merino Wool Knit Throw. The beautiful knitted blanket pays tribute to Irish design and tradition with its natural color and intricate knit patterns, which are reminiscent of the classic Aran fisherman sweater. This merino wool throw blanket combines several historic Aran patterns: cables, honeycomb, trellis, and diamond. According to local lore, all of these stitches had special meanings in the original fishermen’s sweaters. The cables stood for the ropes that the fishers used. The honeycomb represented honeybees and their industrious nature. The trellis stitch, the green fields of Ireland. The diamond patterns were a prayer for wealth.

These different patterns add lovely texture and warmth to the cream-colored throw, which is a rich neutral that complements any home decor. Like the iconic sweaters, the throw was made in Ireland and perfectly encapsulates the Irish love of folklore in the meanings surrounding its designs and Irish practicality, thanks to its weight and warmth. 100% Merino wool construction makes this cozy winter warmer incredibly soft, as well. The larger size makes it a wonderful throw to keep you toasty on the living room in front of the fire or on top of your bedspread for those extra-chilly nights.