Aran Woollen Mills

Supersoft Merino Wool Cable Knit Irish Blanket


■ Made out of the cozy and luxurious 100% Irish Supersoft Merino wool that is both strong and durable
■ The lovely throw is a product of the magnificent and renowned Irish garment manufacturing company, Carraig Donn, guaranteeing you product quality

■ Comes in dimensions of 60 inches in length and 40 inches in width, large and convenient enough to cover your seats

■ The beautiful blanket features lovely traditional Aran stitches that make it unique, classy and stand out even from a crowd

■ The cute Large Merino Wool Irish Cable Knit Blanket is available in Toasted Oat, perfectly blending into any surrounding in your home



Adding an Irish touch to your living room can never go wrong, especially if you are looking for an exquisite, unique and standout transformative home décor. The winter season is an opportunity to go out of your way and change your home outlay, adding a warm, enticing and welcoming look. The basics of the ultimate home décor include enhancing the look of your space by combining warm and comfortable items. One of the most striking items that you should not forget to add to your home décor is a fancy, cozy and beautiful throw. Our gorgeous Large Merino Wool Irish Cable Knit Blanket brings a touch of sophistication, class, and comfort to your home, a perfect addition, especially during the cold, chilly winter season.

Our amazing throw will give your house an Irish feel, full of warmth, vigor, and beauty. Adding the fantastic blanket to your home ensures that your room maintains a cozy, vibrant, and warm look to beat the biting cold during the winter season. The throw can also perfectly serve as a simple yet thoughtful gift to your friend or loved one for whatever occasion.

The throw comes from 100% supersoft, warm and super-cozy Irish Merino wool that will make you want to curl up on a sofa on a chilly fall evening. The merino wool's texture is something to die for, with its softness on touch and the skin offering a soothing and warm feeling. The wool is strong and durable, guaranteeing you serving for a very long time, keeping you warm from the winter cold.

The lovely Cable Knit Blanket is another hit from the genius of one of Ireland’s leading garment manufacturers, Carraig Donn. The prestigious and magnificent firm is renown the world over for their exquisite, standout, and lovely products. The company employs a team of skilled, experienced, and dedicated artisans who passionately work towards the production of quality, genuine, and exquisite products. The use of material, design, and patterns with an Irish origin endears Carraig Donn to many people from Ireland.

The design of the pretty Large Merino Wool Irish Cable Knit Blanket features lovely Aran Cable stitching decorations elaborately displayed. The marvelous stitching includes intricate variations like braided, rope, and twisted cable patterns. The Aran Cable stitch carries a special meaning in Irish culture, and have been in use for centuries now. The stitches symbolize hopes for a safe and successful voyage for the fishermen of the Aran Islands, located off the western coast of Ireland.